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Kerbal Space Program Available on Steam

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  • Kerbal Space Program Available on Steam

    Hold onto your butts, Kerbal Space Program is now on Steam Early Access. Build the greatest rocket around, blast off into space, and then redesign it again when it blows up unexpectedly.

    In KSP, you must build space-worthy craft, capable of flying your crew out into space, without killing them. At your disposal is a collection of parts, which must be assembled to create a functional ship. Each part has its own function and will affect the way a ship flies (or doesn't). So strap yourself in, and get ready to try some Rocket Science!

    The game is being built first as an open sandbox. There are no objectives yet. You're free to build anything you can think of, and fly it wherever you want, even into orbit and out to other planets and moons throughout the Kerbal Solar System.

    KSP also has a huge number of fan made mods that add in additional functionality, new building materials, and more.

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    I wonder what John Carmack thinks of this game? He'll probably have several successful flights within 10 minutes of playing, before spending an hour of modding to make the game incorporate complex math and fuel compositions for building spacecrafts. And then he'll beat that within half an hour.