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Fans Upset Over HDTV Requirement for Minecraft on Xbox 360

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  • Fans Upset Over HDTV Requirement for Minecraft on Xbox 360

    Some fans are feeling the sting of living in the past as it was discovered this past day that Minecraft on the Xbox 360 require an HDTV in order to play. 4J Studios, the team behind the port of the popular game, issued their reason for this move.

    The inventory and crafting just didn't work in splitscreen Standard Definition - it was too small to make out.

    Some gamers are, understandably, a bit upset. The description for the game, at least on, does not mention that play on SDTVs is not possible.

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    Was it that difficult to implement a zoom feature assigned to a button? Sure it's an impractical, annoying, and nauseating hassle to zoom in/out on a constant basis, but at least that would discredit the customers who wish to complain as the attempt for a workaround was there. I wonder how Minecraft Pocket Edition pulled it off with their update? Surely it doesn't require players to press their faces on to their phones to see what they're doing do they? Is that why the solution Pocket Edition had won't work on standard definition televisions for the Xbox 360? (I almost snickered when I said "standard," oh the irony.)


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      I won mine with the Raptr giveaway this morning! So happy!


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        People really have standard definition TV's still? Jeez time to move forwards HDTV's are so cheap right now.


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          There's no reason why people can't afford a 22" HDTV in this day and age, sorry but that is bollx ;P


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            Re: Fans Upset Over HDTV Requirement for Minecraft on Xbox 360

            I understand the cheap HDTV argument, but look at the game. No mention of it being HDTV only AND its way worse in graphics.

            Why would you think you would need an HDTV for this specific game? This isnt Halo 12 or Gears of Gods 7. (yeah, that was on purpose)
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