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Battleblog #4: Up Close and Personal

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  • Battleblog #4: Up Close and Personal

    From the Battlefield Blog:

    So what you think of the dog tag changes? Good thing to make the game interesting?

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    Although I do like the idea that you have to sneak up on somebody to get them, it does seem to me that folks might just concentrate on constantly sneaking and not being a part of a team. Cant wait for this , been waiting a long time like everyone, just hope it doesnt get too CODish. Also, it's kinda funny that they were so "tickled" by the gesture that it took them until 2142, the last thing they did before frostbite to incorporate dog tags. lol BF2 didn't even have them. Whats that like 5-6 years of development of BF series to include dog tags? :gay_hand:


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      And yet even from the first game, people have been sneaky and have not been playing the team just to go kill one guy with the knife.BF2 introduced the dreaded stat tracking tough, and with that the stat padders and people just too jealous of their KDR, wich are worse for teamplay since they won't risk their necks for fear their precious 12.0 KDR might drop.It all depends on the player in the end.


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        Re: Battleblog #4: Up Close and Personal

        Defeatest, I doubt people will be so obsessed with earning dogtags that they won't work as a team any more than they already don't.