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EB Games Breaks Duke Nukem Forever Street Date

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    Re: EB Games Breaks Duke Nukem Forever Street Date

    Originally posted by CptainCrunch
    I knifed a guy today with the name Artillary Magnet in BC2. That wasnt you was it?
    Nope. I haven't played BC2 in nearly a year (my name is the same as in this forum). My title comes courtesy of a group of guys I used to play BF:V and BF2 with where I would always seem to be the centre of an arty strike and quite often the only casualty even when it was dropped in the middle of a crowd of my teammates. So basically the consensus was, if you hear enemy arty guns firing, find Wolfgang and run in the opposite direction.

    Sadly, this still holds true even though they no longer play BF2 and I still do. I love dying to arty and checking the kill ticker and seeing that I was the only one. Makes me feel speshul. :thumbsup: