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Some New AGP Video Cards !!!

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  • Some New AGP Video Cards !!!

    Hello !

    Good news for all gamers having an AGP motherboard, eVGA just announced
    their new line of video cards, the GeForce 7800GS AGP8x !!!

    I think this is great for the overall market, imo this would suggest a price
    drop for all the GeForce 6xxx video adapter in the near future, since the
    AGP world can now have access to the GeForce 7 technology ...

    Thanks eVGA !!!


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    Re: Some New AGP Video Cards !!!

    LOL, not only eVGA is doing it, also BFG and I think a few other companies. But, the 7800gs performs in between the PCIe 6800GS and the 7800gt. 379$ hmmmmm, ummm and 350$ for the cheapest one. the 7800gt is only 300$ and it performs better. Thats a sort of rip off, but I guess they can charge higher prices for the people who want to tstay AGP.


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      Re: Some New AGP Video Cards !!!

      yeh its a rip off it will lower to 7800gt price soon but no lower NVIDIA said

      there really punishing agp users hard