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Please Help, Server connection lost after recent vista update

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  • Please Help, Server connection lost after recent vista update

    Ok I posted this in the wrong section before let me try here.

    let me start with my setup, I have a Dell Xps M1710, baseline 256mb video memory, 2 ghz Core Duo, 2 gig of ram Windows Vista 32bit premium. Well anyways I started out with problems learned about running program as admin, that fixed punk buster problem, then I had mid game connection issues, disabled 1 of my cores, then it worked fine, I have played 33 hrs in the last 18days since then no problems................

    HERES MY NEW PROBLEM WELL LAST NIGHT, windows vista updated, and now when I go in the game and load a map, after 2 seconds I will get connection to server been lost , no matter what map I do. I tried researching all the forums, I uninstalled the updates, checked my fire wall, tried to set the affinty, nothing makes a difference. I really dont know what to do I begging for ideas.

    When I check what windows update history it says it updated,
    windows junk mail filter,
    update for windows vista
    cumulative security update for internet explore 7
    security update for windows vista,
    Definition update for windows defender, witch i disabled didnt make a diffrence on or off.

    Please Some one Anyone,

    Thanks so much to anyone that can help