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  • BF2142 winning strategies and team tactics

    Since BF2142 seems to be heading to termination, at least for many gamers after the next November or so, I'd like to make some comments on the general strategies and way to play the game.

    I personally like discovering the best strategies of games, especially with human adversaries, whether it's a FPS or a real-time strategy or even chess. Unfortunately in BF2142, as in most FPS today, 99% of the players do not play to win the round, they play just to accumulate points for their next unlock, which ruins the joy of the whole game itself. Anyway, here are my views after playing this game for 3-4 months now:

    General strategy for teams

    * Conquest mode: Just keep the outposts, pretty much "linear" and boring pretty quickly.

    * Titan mode: much more interesting, it includes both open-area battle and close quarter combat (CQC).

    Specifically for Titan mode, there are 3 major issues where each team much be successful: (a) open-area battle for controlling the silos, the first and only interest until the middle-game, (b) optimal allocation of forces between own Titan defence, enemy Titan assault and silos on the ground, and (c) optimal positioning of Titan to provide air and ground support for troops. In some servers, Titan movement is disabled, which I find totally incomprehensible.

    The Titan battle goes into 3 phases, (a) get control of silos and move Titan in a good position, (b) assault enemy Titan and defend own Titan in CQC (close-quarters combat), while keeping most of the silos in control, (c) one of the two Titans is badly damaged, outcome is pretty much decided, just wait the round to end focusing on the silos or a quick sweep through a Titan core assault to the end.

    It's pretty obvious why many people decide to switch to Titan mode very quickly once they learn to play it well.

    General strategies/tactics for kits

    * Recon: invisible guerilla fighter

    The phrase "The sniper is a sneaky bastard" says it all. It is a player of tactics, more than a player of accumulating kills. A recon should be invisible at all costs and provide support from safe distance, only when necessary. Its mission is not just shooting at every enemy in his crosshair, it is placing APM and RDX explosives in well-picked spots, sabotage enemy facilities (SATtrack, EMP, vehicles, etc) and observe the battlefield reporting enemy movements to teammates.

    A sniper should also engage in anti-sniper missions, because a good multi-role enemy sniper makes more damage to the other team than a friendly hitman-only sniper helps its own team. This is part of the advanced observation tasks of a good recon, a "smart" UAV-like in the field.

    When a sniper has to take the shot, 3 things must be certain: (a) he's in a well-picked spot and well-hidden, (b) the shot will be an almost certain kill with one bullet, and (c) an escape route has already been picked before even attempting to shoot. He's more valuable in the field staying alive than trying a second shot to a wounded enemy, just to get another kill. Even in this case, it is almost certain that after 3-4 shots his position is compromised, he must leave immediately and pick a new spot at some distance (at least 200-300 meters away), before a UAV or a chopper starts hovering above him. If this happens, it's almost certain that he will be dead or useless for his team within the next 2-3 minutes, even if a good escape is possible (gets killed or keeps running for his life instead of fighting).

    A sniper/recon player usually acts alone, but it is extremely useful to be paired with another sniper or a support kit (in the second case, the support's NetBat can be the guide for anti-snipping missions).

    Specifically for Titan mode, a recon really acts as an explosives expert rather than a long-distance sniper, so in this case the guidelines for the assault kit should be followed (see below).

    * Engineer: the armor "sniper"

    As with the recon kit, an engineer is most valuable and effective when following guerilla tactics that are aimed against enemy vehicles, while providing repair for its own team's vehicles and equipment. This means that he should also be "marginal" to the main battle field, staying hidden most of the time and engaging in mine and anti-mine missions.

    The best anti-armor weapon of the engineer is not the AT rocket launchers, it is the motion mines. When well-placed and hidden, the ensure a tank kill and stopping any one following it in a vehicle, without compromising the owner's position. This can save some valuable minutes for the team to provide support to an outpost or a silo under attack.

    A very special kind of engineer is the anti-air shoulder launched shooter. It can be completely devastating to an enemy team having ace pilots, not much for the hits he gets but more as a psychological factor. When a helicopter pilot suddenly out of nowhere gets hit by a missile in the middle of the desert, he gets surprised. The second time the same thing happens, he gets frustrated and angry. If he's smart, he won't pass over the same area again.

    The close repair support is also very important, especially when advanced repair is available (automatic, from inside a vehicle). An APC with 1-2 engineers, running close by friendly armor vehicles as they get damaged is more valuable than an air-dropped supply box.

    For the Titan mode, engineer kit is also usefull for two things: placing mines for any air transport trying to land and enemy assault squad and putting snapshots through a fortified corridor or the core itself. However, he's not part of the front-line attack, just the RPG-man of the squad.

    * Support: the squad artillery

    It is really a multi-role kit, but its main purpose is providing cover for the squad in both defence and assault. This may mean area defence in defensive tasks (like a Titan corridor), it can be suppressive fire when the squad gets pinned down or wiped out as an enemy assault squad gets ready to rush inside, it can be cover fire to provide a friendly squad the time to push forward or run across a street. It can also be the perfect ambush in a choke point, shooting down half an enemy squad before even knowing he's there.

    The resupply role is extremely valuable in situations of heavy fighting, as most players get carried away and don't change magazines before drying them empty (and possible getting killed by an enemy face-to-face). The shield and the sentry gun are usually employed together, but it is unwise to use the shield in open space since it says "I'm here". Of course, this can be used precisely for that, setting up a perfect ambush for an enemy knifer or a tank for a friendly engineer close by.

    A support kit can work alone in point-defence situations, but it is most useful when paired with a sniper for anti-sniper missions or an engineer for combined supply/repair support for squad.

    For Titan mode, a support soldier can use either LMG or HMG as the main weapon of choice, but as part of a Titan assault in CQC situations the shotgun is extremely valuable for the squad. It is not uncommon for a support soldier to jump into a corridor and take out a sentry gun and its owner with just 2 shotgun shots.

    * Assault: the hammerhead

    It is the bulk of team's attack force on the ground, when or where the armor vehicles are useless. The action must be quick and overwhelming, primarily in attack missions. However, this does not mean that an assault soldier is just a shooter. In fact, he can also be a short-range sniper or a dedicated medic for a squad. The bonus of the anti-infantry rocket launcher also makes the assault kit a worthy opponent in point-defence or heavy attack situations.

    The assault soldier should be expert in teamwork and coordination. The reason is that primarily its missions will be in CQC, where fractions of seconds make the difference. An optimal assault squad should contain 3-4 assault kits, one of them might be a dedicated medic, and another 2-3 members of recon/support/engineer for special weapons.

    In Titan mode, an assault squad must function as an element, usually the result of extensive training and close communications via VoIP. It also means that a well-coordinated team does not shoot everywhere but instead each member sweeps any enemy soldier in a pre-selected direction of responsibility. It is not easy to get at that level and quality of gameplay, but that's the difference between casual players and high-ranking clans. An elite CQC squad is simply unstoppable, no matter what the enemy defenders do.

    A few notes on BF2142 tactics and usual "tips"

    The glitches and unpatched holes of BF2142 are very well known and often exploited by not-so-good players. However, the way that normal players behave affects the quality of the game a great deal. For me, the worst thing about BF2142 is the lack of realism.

    Some people have had the chance to play Operation Flashpoint a few years back. Many still remember the terror of seeing a tank closing in or an enemy squad sweeping up the slope trying to locate the sniper that has just fired a single shot. The 15 seconds of re-spawn in BF2142 time is nothing if you come to think of it. In fact, I've often seen an enemy squad inside the Titan core, out of RDX explosives, then 1 or 2 of them going "suicide" just to re-spawn in a few seconds near by with a new set of explosives to win the round.

    This lack of realism is also evident in CQC situations. To me is like a joke seeing a group of attackers from the outside and a group of defenders from the inside of a Titan corridor, throwing grenades at each other on and on. If no re-spawn was available, like in America's Army or SWAT4 or Rainbow 6 series, both would be much more carefull and more effective in their gameplay.

    An equally frustrating fact in BF2142 and many other multiplayer FPS is the lack of realism in counting points. When killing an enemy counts more than getting killed, it is a recipe for suicide attacks with FAVs, choppers or just plain runners carrying armed grenades. It's also disappoining not counting as teamwork a wide variety of support actions, like providing cover fire for teammates or suppressive fire in point-defence situations, providing recon observations on the battefield or scanning the area with an IDS for enemies. Of course, it is very difficult to program this kind of AI in networked games, but most people would prefer that kind of realism instead of dynamic lighting effects (in terms of raw processing time).

    Regarding the gameplay and the behavior of players, I think the overall low bonus of a team win when compared to individual points gathered by each player, it is natural that most of them play just to get points and unlocks, not win a round as a team. It is a joke to see players running around with ammo or medic boxes instead of shooting when it is clear that the teammates are getting slaughtered right in front of them (not to mention stats padding with team kills and revives).

    I know that not many players are willing to get into the intense training and practice required to get into this kind of realistic gaming, but experienced companies like EA should know how to balance the ease of gameplay and remaining challenging for the player for a long time.

    Final notes on CQC and squad tactics

    Most FPS games like BF2142 is not addressed to the standard CQC player. CQC requires great discipline, self-control under fire and rapid accuracy in short bursts, things you rarely see in most mutliplayer FPS. Additionally, it is a matter of patience and depending on other teammates, in order to ensure a team win without maybe firing a single shot.

    I've seen only a handful of elite BF players having the patience and discipline to stand on a Titan corridor for almost the complete round, guarding a console that may not be attacked at all, just to make sure no one gets past this particular door. Similarly, I've never seen a recon sitting idle for half an hour on a well-selected spot without firing, just to call every tank or helicopter or soldier that exits the enemy camp, or deliberately hunting down the enemy commander and only him for the complete round.

    I'm sure that serious clans are already familiar with these stuff, but I mention them anyway:

    * In point-defence, don't get trigger-happy and start shooting without a serious reason. Don't reveal that you're there behind the corner with a burst of fire, just in case some enemy comes running inside. The defences should be layered, that is a front line or mines/explosives, a second line of sentry guns and a third line with HMG gunner, maybe one more soldier hidden from sight with a shotgun. The next line starts firing only when the previous one fails, so that control is maintained. More than 3 shooters in a narrow corridor is too crouded.

    * In CQC assault, shoot controlled and on targets, preferrably along pre-selected directions as the squad moves as an element. Control rush, don't shoot just to shoot back, shoot to kill a specific target. An ideal CQC assault squad could include 3 assault, 2 recon (with lambert), 1 support and 1 dedicated medic or engineer (rockets). Move in close pairs and take the enemy defences one lien at a time. Even if the first pair gets shot down (or exploded), it should be easy for the second pair just behind them to finish any wounded defender and make way swiftly.

    * In heavy fire spots, always "diagonalize" team fire, never cross-fire even when FF=off, to avoid confusion with enemies. Also, use explosives and grenades when necessary, that is when more than 2-3 enemies are close and static behind cover. Otherwise the explosions create distortion to both teams, which always turns to a disadvantage for the defending team.

    * In Titan mode, the most valuable defending asset is the guns, both AA and ground. Even a static Titan can successfully push off any enemies trying to damage base facilities which are essentially the tools of the commander. In close range, facing Titans can provide devastating air support against gunships and air transports, as they're closing in for a hit/drop or even as they take off from the enemy Titan. Don't underestimate the value of the Titan guns, even though many players see it as "noobish" to get kills that way or accumulate repair points by fixing them.

    * Almost all servers state a strict set of rules about teamkills, spawn kills, camping, etc. The truth is that only a few players follow them. The reason is simple: it is a war out there, and everything is permitted in war. All, expect exploiting game inefficiencies like "the drunk walker" or distorted graphics or network lag. Give some space for the others to play too, so that you can enjoy your own play. Play fair with no cheats, you'll get more fun out of it.

    * I know that knifing has got rediculously high attention, but the truth is it's just another kill. The only additional gain is the psychological factor of getting killed from that close range, which implies a superiority and expertise. However, deliberatly using the knife when there is a real risk of getting shot by an aware enemy, essentially hangs your team out dry and possibly costing the life of another teammate close by. Of course, knifing a bold enemy sitting on an AA gun and destroying your Titan's guns will probably discourage him from attempting that same thing twice.

    MOST IMPORTANT: Play to have fun, if you find yourself getting angry there's something wrong with your own attitude, not some noobish teamkill or getting shot in the head. This is a playground, not a real arena.

    That's about it from me. I hope EA makes use of the community comments here for its next FPS.

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    Nice writeup, very useful info, possible sticky for newbies?


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      Don't agree with most of those tips and think conquest mode takes just as much strategy as titan. Also please don't bring up the realism thing again, go play another game or bf2 PR if you want it to be more realistic, it's just not the point of battlefield. Sorry to slam you, just expressing my opinions.


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        I agree with rugerdog, out of scrims there is a reason why people dont just camp consoles or a sniper only spot as they arnt actually getting any points. And conquest is a tactical game just as much as titan, it just requires more squad action.


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          same here. as much as I disagree with most of the points the OP made, the last is the most important and one I can jump on the bus with.

          Play to have to fun!


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            I never play to win, unless it is a clan battle.


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              I personally like discovering the best strategies of games, especially with human adversaries, whether it's a FPS or a real-time strategy or even chess. Unfortunately in BF2142, as in most FPS today, 99% of the players do not play to win the round, they play just to accumulate points for their next unlock, which ruins the joy of the whole game itself.

              Totally wrong. That is the fun part for most of us. That's what intrigues me the most actually.


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                Thanks for taking the time to write this guide Sticky?


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                  Nice write up with some valid points regarding tactics and strats. There's a lot of opinion mixed with facts in that post, but still a good read.



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                    I disagree, i find titan mode less appealing unless on a small server. Otherwise things become too hectic, there are too many nades being thrown around and its impossible to kill more than two people without being killed yourself. The envionments are either too sprawling, meaing if you're not in a vehicle you cant do anything, or too close, and it becomes difficult to open fire without someone spilling out onto you. Similarly with 64 player maps.
                    I prefer conquest where the maps have vehicles but there are enough places to hide considering most people are on foot. You can spread out too however, so that a single squad isnt completely compacted and you can share fire and help one another.
                    The main thing im finding 2142 lacking is teamplay, mainly because im not in a clan. On the occasions playing on say Squad Play all the Way when i joined a clan squad, i found that things work very well. I remember advancing on Power Station on Tunis, me laying down cover fire while my squad took to the roofs or moved from crater to crater. That was good fun.
                    I dont think there is necessarily a tactic that will always win; the important thing is to adapt. Having a SL that knows what he is doing, and a squad that is willing to follow orders, and think for themselves, is most important really.

                    On a side note, if anyone knows of a relaxed clan that believes in the sort of thing ive talked about, could you let me know?


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                      I play this game to have fun. It doenst bother me if I have a bad round ( 5 points ) or good round ( 45 points or higher ) I just play this game for the epic scenes! Its just like playing a movie. As long as theres a lot of explosions, squad based combat and nice fighting !


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                        My one problem with Titan on a 64 person server is that it gets slightly ridiculous and borderline impossible to get the consoles down if you don't get on board immediately after the shield goes down.


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                          Originally posted by MohicanGR View Post
                          Since BF2142 seems to be heading to termination, at least for many gamers after the next November or so, I'd like to make some comments on the general strategies and way to play the game.

                          I personally like discovering the best strategies of games, especially with human adversaries, whether it's a FPS or a real-time strategy or even chess. Unfortunately in BF2142, as in most FPS today, 99% of the players do not play to win the round, they play just to accumulate points for their next unlock, which ruins the joy of the whole game itself. Anyway, here are my views after playing this game for 3-4 months now
                          I some what disagree...its the motion of growing in the game that drives the player to play more, then he has more fun when he knows he accomplished something whether it's an award, unlock, or rank. (at least in my case, i feel good after winning something)

                          Also I disagree with the November deal..personally i don't see 2142 going down and away in the near future, it's not even a year old and look at all the other bf games they are still up and playing like 1942 or 2. I always go on and see servers filled to capacity, also after playing the multi player beta for crysis i actually liked it but have to say...disappointed too from what i wanted to see.