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about fps.. [CZ]

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  • about fps.. [CZ]

    I'm stuck on 60fps in this system:
    GTX 295
    core i7 920 @2.66GHz (no oc)
    4gb RAM (getting 2 more soon XD)

    I saw many people say I should go to the nvidia driver and lower stuff, I didn't think it was the problem but I was desperate enough to try, so I did and WHAT A BIG SURPRISE!! not. It didn't work.. I think maybe like in GTA IV there's a command line or something but I couldn't find anything on the web. I tried the in game fps_max and fps_modem but it seems to be stuck.. (it doesn't get any lower too) maybe through "properties"? I got it working by changing in the "compatibility" bar to "run in win xp (service pack 2)" because that's what you gotta do with vista 64bit.. maybe the fps is a vista problem too.

    if you know anything about it or you had the same thing and fixed it please tell me how or send a link to a guide or something


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    Re: about fps.. [CZ]

    This is probably due to v-sync being on, enforcing a maximum of 60 fps. Turn it off.


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      Re: about fps.. [CZ]

      I've had the same problem with my gldsrc games too (1.6 and cz) and I've tried all of those fixes, vsync is forced off and everything is low, and my rig can definately handle 100 fps. I even tried that refresh lock to keep it at a higher fps, but the highest I go is the hz rate at 75fps...even though vsync is supposedly forced off.

      I have Vista 32 bit, 4gb ram, and soon to get a new duo core amd to replace this POS sempron 2 ghz. I'll write back if something happens.


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        Re: about fps.. [CZ]

        Well, forcing v-sync off isn't as easy as it seems. I remember that with my 6600GT I had to create a profile (or something like that) that defined that all programs running at 800x600 should use a maximum of 85Hz refresh rate. 85 cause my monitor had a max refresh rate of 85, so there's no need for more than 85 fps. I ran cs at 800x600 and this worked. Any other resolution and bam, max 60 fps.
        Now I'm on a laptop using Vista and don't care anymore. Last time I played CS I had a maximum of 72 fps (set by fps_max) which I reduced to 60, since there's no need for more on a laptop.
        I guess it depends mostly on the video card settings.