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demo problem (download link inside)

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  • demo problem (download link inside)


    Please, download the small test demo [link=""]here[/link] and tell me if you can see the player name bar at the bottom of the screen.
    thank you!

    At some point, my recorded CSS demos stopped to show the player name bar at the bottom of the screen.

    meaning: I have no idea who I spectate when viewing the demo. I've tried a clean reinstall of both CSS and Steam, and I've updated to the latest graphics drivers. Haven't tried a clean windows re-install yet, but I'd like to avoid that....

    I just wanna know if it's just me, or if the player name bar is really missing.
    This would be a huge problem for me, because my favorite server (with warcraft mod) is haunted by cheaters and I very often make demos. If the admins can't identify the one being spectated, the demo is worthless

    edit: Oh and I did try to check or uncheck the "Show player name" option in-game, of course... no effect.

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    plz, anyone...?


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      Your best bet would be to ask your clan/friends, the number of us on here who still actively play CS is small now, and we're slightly wary of random downloads too.


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        not CS, CSS (Counterstrike:Source)

        or do you mean to say that on a website called CSNation, few people play CS:S... then I'm wrong here, I thought this is one of the biggest CS:S fansites.

        btw, about the download... there's no need to be wary of a .dem file.
        even if it was a malicious exe that has been renamed, there's no way counterstrike would execute it

        thx for the reply anyway


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          It is one of the biggest fansites yes - but the forums are fairly dead - there's like two of us that help with tech support, and others very occasionally. Of the people in the forums, most are rather strange and hang out in the OTF only. Have you tried looking for the cvar (console variable) to turn the player names back on?