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CS 1.6 Bizarre Mouse Problem

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  • CS 1.6 Bizarre Mouse Problem

    This question has been rotting in the Steam Support question bin of eternal shame and horror for over two weeks and I haven't been able to find help elsewhere, so hopefully you guys can help me out.

    First, technical specs:

    Processor: AMD 5600+ (2.8 ghz, 64-bit)
    Memory: 4 Gigabytes of DDR 2 800 (G.SKILL)
    GPU: EVGA 8800 GTX (not sure on the drivers, will look up if important to problem)
    Operating System: Windows Vista 64-bit*
    Mice: Generic Dell piece of crap USB optical and a Logitech MX 5000 laser

    *Don't give me guff about running Vista. I know, new and buggy, ha ha ha. I get it. Don't let this turn into a Vista hateathon (even though Vista has been pretty awesome for me) instead of actual tech support like it has on every other place I've visited trying to get this question answered. Geez, XP had YEARS to fix its problems. Vista's only been out for under a year. Rant over, moving on...

    Now for the actual problem. When playing Half-Life, CS 1.6, or even when using the camera tool in Hammer, my mouse behaves oddly. When I move the mouse to aim, instead of moving in the direction the mouse is moving in, the viewpoint ALWAYS moves up and to the left. When it can't move up anymore since I'm looking straight up at the ceiling or sky, it spins left around and around. The strange thing is that if I move the mouse quickly enough in a certain direction, I can pull it away from going up and left and look where I want, but it still makes the game hard to play.

    If any of you have ever played Nintendo 64 or GameCube games, ever remember turning on the console while the controller was lying upside-down on the floor, and since the joystick was tilted it was callibrated incorrectly and would always be moving in that direction on-screen? This feels pretty similar to that only it's limited to when the mouse is being moved.

    This isn't the only problem I'm having with the mouse. I have to "play" CS windowed because if I don't, the game thinks the cursor is higher and farther left than it actually is. This means if I'm playing maximized, I can't actually click the main menu option to exit the game despite the fact that the cursor is right on it and I have to ctrl+alt+del my way out of the program. When playing a round windowed I can see the cursor on top of the game window, always spazzing out and moving up and to the left in a perfect -45 degree angle.

    The oddest thing of all is that this hasn't been a problem on my machine forever. Two months ago before I left on a trip to Europe CS worked perfectly with no mouse issues whatsoever. I come back and now it's screwed up. My guess is a software update is messing things up but I really don't know.

    This isn't an issue with anything except Valve's Gold-Source games. Even Half-Life: Source is unaffected. Not a single other piece of software on my machine behaves like this. Also, I have two different mice hooked up to my machine (USB optical and wireless laser) and both have the same problem?

    Any thoughts on this at all? I'm at my wits' end here now that my bro actually has his server back up and I can't play on it or make maps for it. I have tried running -noforcemparms, -noforcemspd, and -noforcemaccel in the launch options and they haven't done anything.

    BONUS QUESTION: If any of you have submitted questions to Steam Support recently, how long did it take you to get the damn thing answered? Two weeks seems ludicrous to me.

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    Bit of a generic answer here, but have you tried using a new config/userconfig file, or even uninstalling (+wiping the folder) and reinstalling? If it's confined to those games it would suggest an engine error with Half Life, that is trickling down to the offshoots. Have you also tried running CS etc with the other available graphics driver ie OpenGL/Direct3D?

    Steam forums are arse. Best as a search tool, not for making new threads.


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      I wiped both the Half-Life and Counterstrike installations and folders but that did nothing. I also tried running OpenGL, D3D, and even software (boy, that was painful) but none of that did anything either.

      I'm not sure what you mean by the config/userconfig files and I wasn't able to locate them.

      Another detail, if it helps. Clicking has the same effect as moving the mouse, every click with either the left or right mouse buttons moves the view up and to the left even when the mouse isn't moving.


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        Are you sure you wiped your cstrike folder? That's where the cfg files are, and it seems they're messed up.
        Just to be sure, go to your cstrike folder and look for config.cfg and userconfig.cfg. Delete them, and steam will make you some new and clean ones, whenever you start up your game.
        I think you're got a sort of sensivity problem with your cfg files: somebody must have messed them up and changed POV options.
        Or maybe valve doesn't want us to play Gold-Source games.


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          I wiped the local HL and CS content through Steam and then deleted the folders for both in their entirety and reinstalled. I just nuked the config/userconfig files but that didn't do anything either.

          Interestingly, this does not only affect Half-Life games. I downloaded the Crysis demo and it had the same menu problems where the cursor has to be in a different place than the button. However, with CS it's up and to the left, but with Crysis is was down and to the right. Go figure. The problem became more exacerbated when the resolution was turned up. I didn't have the in-game aiming issues though and could play normally.

          Odd question, but could the menu thing at least have something to do with running a widescreen display? That's the only thing I can think of in that department.


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            Yes, it could. Try switching to a 4:3 setup and see if you still have that problem.
            As for the mouse bugging up, I started having problems while playing any gold source game. My mouse would sometimes act sticky and whenever this happened I had a serious fps drop. I tried newer drivers and then older ones and still wasn't able to fix this problem. I guessed valve had fucked up and gave up (not a big deal since I wasn't actively playing any valve game then).
            Since then I uninstalled steam, my computer started dieing up on me (I still hope I'll be able to turn it on and make a backup) and recently just bought a laptop that managed to play portal... And don't have any problems, even though I'm using the exact same mouse (a razer copperhead for reference).
            Just hope for a steam update/fix, or search the web for similar problems.
            If by any chance you manage to fix this, please post about it.


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              It's not a widescreen issue after all. I tried normal and widescreen settings in 1.6 and neither one did anything.

              I've been scouring the internet trying to find somebody with my problem but it seems like I'm unique...


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                UPDATE: I am now 100% sure this is a video driver issue, though how or why it is messing up my mouse is beyond me.

                I'm on an eVGA 8800 GTX running the 163.69 drivers and recently started being affected by the infamous nvlddmkm.sys problem with nVidia cards (I've heard that it's happening on some ATi cards too, and isn't limited to Windows Vista. XP users are reporting similar problems). I was going to take a screenshot of the unusual menu behavior and try to post this question on another forum and nvlddmkm started freaking out and stopping working/recovering time after time after time.

                I noticed that the mouse was actually in the right place in the menus for once and decided to load a map. Much to my surprise the mouse wasn't spazzing out anymore and I could aim.

                Then nvlddmkm committed suicide and my computer BSOD'd for the first time since I built it in March. At least I've isolated the problem. Now I need to find working drivers and make CS playable.


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                  Maybe my problems were coming from that too.
                  Is there any way to notify nvidia about this?


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                    [link=""]I hope they know about it by now...[/link]. That's just one of three huge threads dedicated to the problem on nVidia's forums. However, I don't think anybody really knows what the problem is. The nvlddmkm bugs seem almost arbitrary when and how they hit and affect everybody differently.

                    I hadn't had any nvlddmkm problems for the past month and then today it would fail and recover five times an hour while the PC was idling on the desktop of all things. I rolled back to 162.22 and it has stopped, but it always returns after a month or so. I hope it isn't a hardware defect with their cards causing all these problems for everybody. If it is, I might just get a free replacement, but I'd most likely be out $500 instead if past history of corporate generosity is anything to go by.


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                      One more question. I think this problem has/had something to do with OpenGL too because I'm running CS in D3D and the mouse is working, but Hammer is running in OpenGL and the mouse issues are still there. How can I get Hammer to use D3D instead of OpenGL?


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                        I think OpenGL is hard written into Hammer, on the newer versions. Have you tried the new Nvidia beta drivers?


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                          I did have them installed but they screwed up my bluetooth mouse and keyboard and, irnoically, while they were written for the Crysis demo they made the Crysis demo impossible to play, so I changed drivers post-haste.

                          OpenGL is hard-coded into Hammer 3.5 and not just the Source version of Hammer? That bites. Maps compile practically ten times faster on my new machine and having to use my old machine for mapping would be a pain.