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  • Terrible Fps

    So i have a comp with 512 ram and a 128 mb vid card (geforce fx 5200) and i cant figure out why i get no more than 30 fps max depending on the map. I downloaded the GTU geforce tweaker and set it to the fast settings and it didnt do anything. I also tried typing fps_max 101 and 200 in console and changed the rate to 9999, with no luck. My last resort was to download a newer driver from NVidia website, which actually made my fps worse. what should i do, because i used to get constant 100 on a geforce 2 card with a 256 processor. i should be getting atleast 90 constant with this card. thank you in advance

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    The Geforce FX5200 is one of the worst video cards ever made, seriously. My recommendation - save your money, replace it.