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    Hello, i recently went and bought CSS the one that came with day fod efeat and half life 2:deathmatch. I download it. I log into steam and then it start downloading them again or prolly updating them. But whatever i let that happen. Finnaly i can log on. I go in find me a server play it and stats downloading some more, like a bunch of sounds and seems to get stuck on downloading sound/admind_something/restricted weapons but finaly it passes. Now when it is finnaly loaded 1 of 2 will happen. It wil actually put me in where u hit ok to get rid of that lil box or the screenw ill just go black and be choppy. Any help with this? I also went into my optopns turned all my setting to low and tried a vid stress test it worked the first time but now THAT wont even work. The little * on ur video options that means recomended setting for your machine are by all the highest settings. SO id ont understand why it wont even run anything on low. please help with this. I hope i didnt waste my money, i have been watching people pl;ay thsig ame and am stoked to play it, if i ever do.Edit~ i finnaly figured out why the screen gets black and choppy, It is the result of my loading bar being distored across teh screen Hince it is grey/white choppy in the middle and black ttop and bottom. Also it someitmes freezes during loading. Should i uninstall and reinstall?And do i need a disc in for it to work. On downloading should i do the regualr thing or download entire feature to the hardrive?

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    What are your PCs system specs - processor, RAM, graphics card?


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      I ay be able to fix the whole poblem if someone can anser this. After i start connectinto a server or amke one of my ownwith bots and it gets to loading resourecs that is when the screendistorts and freezes andi ahve to exit out of program. I did manage to pay a bot map but dunno nae but if i try officeand stuff it will do the freeze thng. If someone can answerhis, it may fix it all.


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        I'll refer you to my first answer. You've created many posts, none of which state what I asked.