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Gl_LoadTexture: Too Big (Fatal Error)

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  • Gl_LoadTexture: Too Big (Fatal Error)

    Gl_LoadTexture: Too Big (Fatal Error). I haved installed like 3 different skins pack and with botch i have the problem. After installing them i try to play CS but when the loading screen appears CS closes and a message appears saying Gl_LoadTexture: Too Big (Fatal Error). Need help! I can't live without skins. Thanks. Admins Help me!

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    I also have an obsession with skins, but I unlike you, do not use packs, I hand pick each gun. I don't touch player models (as I'll get very laggy/it's too much work with all the folders). Try going and replacing each model one by one. Make sure your models are for 1.6.


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      Thanks dude. The skins are for CS 1.6. I also tried removing only the sprites tbu the same happened (hat means the sprites are not the problem). I removed the sounds but the same. But when I removed the model CS worked, then I just tried using the usp hack only and i worked. What can I do? Help Plz. I will thank you for any reply! GG CS the BEST!


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        Re: Gl_LoadTexture: Too Big (Fatal Error)

        I have the same problem, buts its on Sven Coop.
        I didnt replace the skins, because there werent any.