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CS 1.6 not saving changes to settings.

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  • CS 1.6 not saving changes to settings.

    When I go to the settings and raise the brightness it would shut down the game and then when I'd start CS back up and join a server the changes would be in effect but if I quit CS and start it back up the settings I changed would be back to their default. I tried changing the brightness in my config file to 10 but nothing changed ingame. I made a userconfig.cfg file and added the line 'brightness "10"' in it and still nothing changed ingame. Any way to fix this? Is this even a problem or is it regular to have to edit the settings ingame every time you start it up?

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    No, the settings should stay. It may be handier to have bind which adjust the brightness in-game though, such as bind "#" "brightness 10" in your config. That way you could quickly whack it up with one button press, and adjust it by varying levels depending on the binds. Also, make your userconfig.cfg read-only.