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Pre cache, pre load, wahtever it is! help!

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  • Pre cache, pre load, wahtever it is! help!

    hey guys!

    long time no speak!

    I have a question the is about the performance of CS:S.

    Okay, whenever i load a map it takes a bit of time to load the first time and 5 seconds to load the second time, thats normal since it saves on my ram right?

    but when i close the game or restart the PC and load the map, it takes ages again!

    Is there a way to permanently pre load the map and stuff i want so they load faster?


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    No. RAM resets on system shutdown.


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      i know that. i was just wondering wthere there was a program that saved the already loaded maps for future use.

      That would be a usefull program!


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        Windows Vista has the capability of storing frequently used files and software on a fast type of Flash drive for quick loading, which may speed up the way Steam works. There are performance losses to be had with Vista too, however.


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          Hmm, doesn't suspend (or is it hybernate?) keep a backup of whatever is loaded in your RAM so it loads it up when you start your computer?


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            yeah somethine like that. Keep a permanent backup on my ram unless i want to remove it!

            But it clears on restart.

            So only vista can do that?


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              The feature in Vista is called Readyboost. Check out the Wiki for it.