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TL Looking for 1.6 LEADER

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  • TL Looking for 1.6 LEADER

    Hey everyone,

    Im Darigaz(L), and I run The Legion, a multi-gaming clan that primarily plays CSS and CS 1.6. We are located at www[dot]The-Legion[dot]net

    We are currently looking for a new CS 1.6 leader, who can join our High Council at the rank of Brigadier General (view our ranks page and leadership page), and lead the CS 1.6 division. Currently our 1.6 division is having trouble functioning without a leader, and has a relatively small member base still in the clan. If you are the type of person who is a good team leader, and want to create a gaming division within ||TL|| that will exceed other clans both competitively and organizationally, you may want to consider this offer.

    This position I have offered requires the following…
    -Extensive 1.6 server admin experience
    -High Level Skill in CS 1.6 Team play (Cal experience is ideal)
    -Some form of Clan/Team/Guild experience
    -Forums Experience (our forums are our main outpost for team communication)

    If you are interested in applying to be a leader of our CS 1.6 division, please email me with as much information about yourself and your ability to hold the position as possible.


    Thank you for your time,

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    oh man this is some noob shit