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Valve/Steam/Counter Strike Win XP Theme Set

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  • Valve/Steam/Counter Strike Win XP Theme Set

    I created a Valve/Steam/Counter Strike Theme Set: Boot, Logon, and Win XP Theme. I thought I would share it with those who would enjoy it most.

    [link=""]Valve Boot Screen Preview[/link]

    [link=""]Valve Logon Screen Preview[/link]

    [link=""]Valve Win XP Steam Theme Preview[/link]

    There is several way you can get them:

    Check out my site [link=""][/link] there you can download the software was well. You need Window Blinds 5, Boot Skin, and Logon Studio. All stuff by Stardock.


    Head over to and get the stuff you need
    • [link=""]Valve Boot[/link]
    • [link=""]Valve Logon[/link]
    • [link=""]Steam Theme[/link]
    I hope some of you guys enjoy it. I know I had painstaking fun creating them and it blends in perfectly with my cs:source gaming. If you wanna game sometime my steam name is the same deviousoverdose.

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    Re: Valve/Steam/Counter Strike Win XP Theme Set

    Whoa cool, does this work with windows 7?