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  • Looking to hire gamers.

    Hey peoples,

    I’ve run across this software that offers free services. Free instant messaging (links up with AIM and ICQ), VOIP services (Ventrilo is a VOIP program), and gaming servers. Yes, free servers and VOIP services. They support all types of games like Battlefiend, Counter-Strike, and WOW. All of these services can be accessed through the free software. At no time will you have to give up any financial information because.. it's as free as Google is. Download PlayLinc here: [link=""][/link]

    They are actively looking to hire gamers for PlayLinc. Imagine, you can get paid for doing what you love - gaming! Here is what they say:

    They have a huge need for part-time employees, work from home candidates in the areas of :

    Game Support

    Game Testers


    Pay is up to $10.00/Hr

    A. They ask that you have access to a PC and are able to get online.

    B. Can dedicate a minimum of 10 hrs a week

    C. Be a gamer with over 1 year of experience playing online games.

    Genuine Offer- NOT a spam or Bot! They need gaming related experienced candidates and there are not many applicants online. Hence approaching the source i.e. folks like you guys who have a girth of knowledge to see if you are interested.

    This is a flexible, part-time gig, same as walking into any place, filling out an app and working for a company. Difference is, our positions allow you to work from home and pretty much set your own hours.

    If you're interested, I invite you to fill our brief app at [link=""][/link] Please be careful and read the information displayed once you submitted it thoroughly. Feel free to add me to your buddy list within PlayLinc: DiZZiGiTAL

    OK, the ball's in your court. So, if you're interested in picking up some extra cash working in an industry you love, I encourage you to contact them.

    About PlayLinc™

    PlayLinc ™ is an all encompassing free gaming portals for PC and console gamers with services that include:

    Free game server hosting: Host games through our free high speed servers located in our data centers on both coasts. Example: Free CS, BF2, BF2142 Ranked servers!

    Built in Free VOIP servers: Don’t pay for Ventrillo or Teamspeak VOIP servers ever again.

    Game area network (GAN): GAN eliminates the ‘Achilles Heel’ for LAN based games- that require all players to be in a localized setting or place. Turn you LAN based games into a multiplayer online game!

    Buddy IM systems: Our convenient IM service is based on AIM or ICQ and it allows you to keep in touch with your gaming friends.

    Game Overlay (In game chat client): The Game overlay services allows you to communicate through text or Voice with your all your AIM or ICQ friends within a game, avoiding the need to minimize a game when sending or receiving an IM.

    Follow your buddy into games: This one click service drops you into the very game that your buddies are playing within, eliminating the hassle in finding their game server.

    Prizes and giveaways: Enjoy multitude of promotions and prize giveaways from our partners. Great contests like Verizon's promotion that gave away 50 Alien computers in 50 days! And Tournament's by recognized online gaming sites like the CPL, one which paid $100,000 to a single winner!


    Robert Evans
    (310) 925-7632 cell