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    hey i make a dedicated cs 1.6 sever with amx x mod working only one problem when i was in the game i didn't have admin so i got some help on what o do and i tried it but i go kicked for kputting some kind of invalid pasword so now i can never get back on my dedicated server plz help tell me what to do i need up and ready with admin for a turniment soon plz reply to e-mail

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    Contact the server provider. If you're paying for that server, they should be able to send you the details you need, and administrate the server allowing you back on.


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      I think you screwed up when activating admin privileges in amxx.
      I have a guide (see the link in my sig) that explains (well, I don't really remember, but I think it did) how to setup admin in amx. I think it'll also work for amxx.
      From what I recall, you need to add an identifier of yourself in the admin.ini file (maybe it's some other file). This identifier will include your IP/name/steamid and a password (needed if you used your name). Then you'll have to add to your config.cfg file a line more or less like this:
      _setinfo _pw "your password here"