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    I recently bought a couple dedicateds. 1 in Netherlands and 1 in Virginia. Now Netherlands people can contact me via AIM or MSN because I don't have the Netherlands information yet.

    Please note, this is not a hobby, I own a successful web-hosting company called Server Xeon, website is still in progress.

    Virginia Server Information:
    2.4 Ghz Conroe Machine
    2 GB RAM
    100 MBPs Connection
    Pricing: $2.00/slot for CS:S public, $1.75 for CS:S private same for 1.6 servers.
    Tickrate: Additional tickrate is $0.50 per 33 ticks, therefore 100 ticks are an additional $1.00/slot.
    Virginia datacenters
    Test IP:

    Now, I will get to the part that is more appealing.

    I have seen many companies advertised on here, Stealth Servers, Hyped, Team Servers, etc. Now, my prices are slightly higher than theres. Reason why? Your about to find out.

    Included with every server comes the following:
    - FPS Booster (Most companies don't offer this)
    - Optimized Network (Tweaks have been made for stable connections)
    - Start and Stop Control Panel

    Also as a sample we offer the following:
    - Psychostats installation ($10.00 additional fee)
    - Server redirection (Get players into your servers)

    What company offers you optimized networks, fps boosters and support from poeple who know what their doing.

    Ever got an issue with mod installation, mani or beetles? Come by our IRC for help, you will see that we take good care of everyone in the ServerX community.

    Contact me the following ways if your interested in purchasing.

    We partnered with the infamous [xXx] clan in CS:Source and we offer the best pings on the East Coast as well as decent pings for EU players.

    AIM - ServerXSupport
    MSN -
    E-mail: or
    IRC - #serverxeon on quakenet or gamesurge

    Site is not completed, we take orders via contact information.