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Server Problems--Cant Play CS:S

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  • Server Problems--Cant Play CS:S

    Alright, I just re-loaded hl2 and css on my new computer and they say they are 100% complete! When i click on the server tab and look for counter stirke source servers everything looks normal... I have a 3mb dsl connection and my dsl reports showed that my download is 600kb/sec and upload is around 400kb/sec. The normal latency pings i get per server ranges from 30-70 which is pretty good! When i click on view server info the latency JUMPS to around 1000-2000 most all the time anymore and says SERVER NOT RESPONDING.... What gives???

    Any help would be much appreciated guys, thanks!!!

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    Try connecting to the server with an alternative server browser, like Xfire. Do you have a firewall in the way?


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      Yeah i do have firewalls set up... How can i make it so it always unblocks steam or what ports would i foward, do you know??

      That might be it!


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        You can find that easily enough with Google - having never done it myself I can't be sure. It's something like UDP port 27015.