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Help POPULATE Our counter-strike Server!

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  • Help POPULATE Our counter-strike Server!

    Clan Name: |eQuilibrium|

    Website Link:

    Hey everyone, I'm here to show off our fun and great servers to the counter-strike community. Currently we are running a PokeMod server, and plan to expand into other things. It runs fantastic - has great latency so you don't get any lag when playing. It also has extra dedicated power to help upkeep the registry, which I found too many servers lack in. We've got a great community of players and admins that all respect each other. You can always find an admin online so if there is anything wrong in the server, it will be dealt with ASAP.

    I want to welcome you to stop by, try out our servers, and have a great time. We are always looking for new members to join our community. Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you give us a visit!

    Server Name : eQuilibrium | PokeMod WarZone | PokeMod.Us
    Server IP: