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  • Ai1 - All In 1 Program

    Bad Company 2 Ai1 is a tool that allows you to access hidden settings in BC2 with this tool you
    will also be able to create your own sig for forum. Check out your online stats and leaderboards
    with other added features.


    o-Edit your BC2 settings to get the most out of your battle experience.

    o -Check out your BC2 online stats from your desktop.

    o- Built in Simplified Sig Creator

    o - This program will also come with other Added Features

    Download Here -

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    Re: Ai1 - All In 1 Program


    Wondering how you've been able to remove the intro's?

    EDIT: Doesn't work on my Win7 x64 .


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      Re: Ai1 - All In 1 Program

      will check it out, looks nice


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        Re: Ai1 - All In 1 Program

        New Updates Version 1.3.1
        o- Launch options
        o- Ai1 now in system tray
        o- Launch BC2 with full cpu
        o- close program when launching bc2 or minimize
        o- hover over server ad more advanced details show
        o- Added leaderboards
        o- Added directory Browser
        o- Added TS Nickname & Tag Setting
        o- Fixed skip videos error
        o- Added stats loading image
        o- Changed Sig images
        o- Fixed launching BC2 On Some Computers
        o- Fixed few issues
        o- Moved save settings button & added saved messege
        o- Added Follow Us Button For Twitter
        o- Finished Beta

        Download Here:


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          Re: Ai1 - All In 1 Program

          Has anyone used this? Is it any good?


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            Re: Ai1 - All In 1 Program

            Typo under "BC2 Settings" of "Anisotropic-Filering" should be "Anisotropic Filtering"

            Under Launch Options "Enable Full Process" isn't really self explanatory.

            Under "Ai1 Settings" the Teamspeak tab is a bit of a mystery and could do with some explanation or rephrasing.

            But other than that, a promising app.


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              Re: Ai1 - All In 1 Program

              Just thought i would let you all know their is a new update available.

              New Updates Version 1.4.0
              o- After choosing location with browse button it auto adds
              o- New splash screen
              o- Speed up Ai1 load time
              o- Fixed minor errors
              o- Added set button to "Skip BC2 intro videos"
              o- I dont have an internet connection option added
              o- Removed Un Needed Files
              o-Added skip button that can be used if you dont have BC2
              o- Added contact form
              o- Clear all text reload images fixed on sig creator
              o- Added position text on sig creator
              o- Added Ai1 into fast links
              o- Added Ai1 text onto sig images
              o- Added more font colours to sig creator
              o- Added addons in sig creator
              o- New ai1 icon added

              Download Here:


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                Re: Ai1 - All In 1 Program

                I love the fact that my computer is so uber that I don't have to turn anything down!


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                  Re: Ai1 - All In 1 Program

                  New update available Version 1.4.1.

                  New Updates Version 1.4.1
                  o- Reload contact form after close
                  o- Steam support
                  o- Auto reloads Ai1 after the message use to say "reload Ai1"
                  o- Fixed icon not hiding on "close Ai1" button on main window
                  o- Add msg to set skip videos
                  o- Fixed the delay of "Ai1" appering on sig images
                  o- Fixed Ai1 not detecting settings
                  o- Added view in toolbar to view "Settings, Game Settings, Launcher"
                  o- Added single instance so Ai1 dosent open to many times at once



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                    Re: Ai1 - All In 1 Program

                    hmmm ai is a bad name for a program like this... it loked like you made a new artifial intellegence for the game :P


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                      Re: Ai1 - All In 1 Program

                      New update available Version 1.5.0.

                      New Updates Version 1.5.0
                      o- Add Medal Of Honour Support
                      o- Added change log
                      o- Added Ai1 News
                      o- Added icon onto splash screen
                      o- Updated Program images
                      o- Changed cursor on Fastlinks, Twitter & Donate to hand
                      o- Alot of smaller Technicalities