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Silent Hunter 5 is gonna be awesome!!!

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  • Silent Hunter 5 is gonna be awesome!!!

    Trailer Here

    It worries me how much it looks like SH4 but just the fact that its in the atlantic will be reason enough for me to buy it!!! Also really nice to finally be able to walk around your sub freely.

    Scene polygon count was increased
    - A large harbor with U-boats and ships present will have around 3.5 million polygons

    Ship polygon count was increased
    - Civilian ships - around 25k polygons
    - Small and medium warships – 27-30k polygons
    - Large warships – 45k-60k polygons

    Ship detail improvements
    - Added 1024x1024 textures
    - The “normal” texture will be more detailed
    - Two “diffuse” textures applied
    - Weapons detail has been increased with 20% (compared with Silent Hunter 4)

    U-boat model improvements
    - Fully modeled and accessible interior
    - Model exterior has a polygon count of roughly 2 million polygons
    - Model exterior and textures are improved by 70% (compared with Silent Hunter 4)

    Environment improvements
    - Dynamic weather simulation, depending on climate zone, sea and season
    - Ships, buildings, terrain, vegetation and precipitations change depending on season
    - Illumination and colors depend on season/sea type
    - Interior and exterior High Dynamic Range lighting
    - Extensive color correction filters are applied for atmosphere tuning
    - Volumetric clouds and light rays
    - Harbors mimic real harbors in shape

    Water improvements
    - Realistic look
    - Realistic water movement depending on weather conditions
    - 3D water deformation
    - Shore waves
    Find pics here.