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MP Maps and thoughts.

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  • MP Maps and thoughts.

    Now that people have been playing for some time, I'd like to know your take on the maps of MW2 and which ones you <3 or want to burn to the ground, and why.:thumbsup:

    What do you like about them?
    What do you not?
    Which maps would you have like to have seen from SP?

    That kinda stuff.

    Personally, I love Terminal because shielding is epic on the map (if you are using the shield) and it's great for taking sniper shots from the outside and watching people sprint then hit the floor dead .
    However, I hate, hate, HATE wasteland. That map just sucks. End of. :thumbsup:

    Also, I would've love to have seen the Ghulag from Prisoner #XX (can't remember ) because that would have had some epic battles on the turrets and lower levels.



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    Re: MP Maps and thoughts.

    I would actually have preferred completely separate maps from the SP campaign - using SP maps normally doesn't translate properly to a multiplayer environment.

    I love some of the dynamic objects, and some of the maps are nice (Favela, Quarry in particular) because they allow fluid movement across the entire map.

    What I don't like? Most of the other maps. Derail, Wasteland, that urban map (starts with an I), and a few others just seem like a combination of objects and pathways that ultimately lead you in circles with no real end in sight. Wasteland in particular is ridiculously unbalanced for SD - the attacking team can reach A before the defending team.

    The maps are fun, but I only truly enjoy a handful - probably less.


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      Re: MP Maps and thoughts.

      The few maps I like are Karachi, Skidrow (I hated that map at first), I like Invasion but I never do good on it, and Derail.

      Maps I have no real opinion on are Favela, Afghan, Sub Base, Underpass, Quarry, Estate, and Rundown.

      The maps I dislike but can tolerate are Wasteland and Terminal.

      The maps I can not stand period and wish they were never brought into the game are Rust, Highrise, and Scrapyard.


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        Re: MP Maps and thoughts.

        Wasteland sucks. Ill play it tho. COD4 maps seems better BUT i know them down to the pixel. So. idk. Favela is great fun.


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          Re: MP Maps and thoughts.

          I actually like Wasteland, it has a nice open feel, but you can never sit still for too long as there are lots of places to be shot from. However it is a pretty epic Nuke map.

          I personally cannot stand Estate, I am not even sure why now, it's just this huuuge open map, but all of the fighting is often confined to about 2 places, it feels like such a waste.


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            Re: MP Maps and thoughts.

            Wasteland is cod2 breacourt. aka. ****e.


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              Re: MP Maps and thoughts.

              You can see all the maps here, if you cant remeber the names:

              I think there is only one map that I really dislike, and that is skidrow.
              In objective based games it becomes a campers heaven, with those actually trying to reach the objective falling prey again and again to people just sitting in various ratholes the whole game.

              What makes it different from the other maps is the huge number of those ratholes, making it very diffcult to clean out the infestation. Especially since there is no lean, so you cant really check it out before you enter the killzone.


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                Re: MP Maps and thoughts.

                I really dislike invasion as Domination, B is essentially a tubers paradise (I would know, I did ot one map). The whole layout of the map annoys me. Peeps camp in the building at the back, watching over B making it almost impossible to cap etc.
                My favourite would have to be terminal due to all the tactical areas and just the overall feeling of it, I really like it.


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                  Re: MP Maps and thoughts.

                  Wasteland is cool untill someone gets chopper gunner or AC. Easiest map to get a nuke on imo.

                  I like Invasion and Terminal best.


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                    Re: MP Maps and thoughts.

                    Im not a fan of Invasion, Estate as it can be really unbalanced towards the team with the lower ground.

                    However all this hate for wasteland is funny because i actually quite enjoy it. Its open with some trench warfare and is good for most styles of play.


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                      Re: MP Maps and thoughts.

                      My love/hate for a map varies based on my kit and the game type. Examples:

                      I love Rundown for TDM, but I hate it for S&D.

                      I hated Wasteland until I had Cold Blooded and a weapon with a Thermal Scope.

                      Invasion I don't mind in Core, but in HC I absolutely hate it.

                      What I've started doing is deciding what game type I want to play on a given evening and then customizing kits based on that. It's all about the right tools for the job.


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                        Re: MP Maps and thoughts.

                        1. Underpass
                        2. Highrise
                        3. Terminal
                        4. Wasteland
                        5. Karachi