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COD4 with 28 gametypes???

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  • COD4 with 28 gametypes???

    Yes! it's possible and it's DONE and WORKING!

    Frontlines adds 22 BRAND NEW GAMETYPES aside the famous War Server, Blood, Gore, Physics FX, HER and LOTS of new stuff...

    read more about the last 16 new unreleased gametypes here:

    and are you asking right now:
    "great... how many maps we can play them? 3? only the original maps? few? bah... no one will map to so many gametypes..."

    well, you're wrong... :P

    the short answer is : WORKS IN EVERY MAP EVER CREATED! and WILL WORK in any other new that should be made!
    read the details at :

    all the gametypes are intelligent and think while are loading the maps, so doesn't matter which map is, each gametype will find his way to work greatly if the mapper followed the IW rules while mapping... then will work PERFECT to any NEW gametype...

    and how can you taste them right now!?!??

    connect at this server and have fun!

    Blood Culture :::

    While I'm working in the finals stages of the mod... helps us to find any bug that wasn't found yet.
    an open beta will be released soon then followed by the final version!

    if you find ANY bug (not map or game related, but related to my mod) please create a post in my help forum:
    then I'll fix that before the final release...

    see you on the server... bring some friends and have fun! :salute:

    PS: if you want to HOST a beta server, please go here:
    Music @ | Games @ | Blood @