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    Ok, I've actually had this map done myself way back in September 2006 for a bunch of friends and I to have some fun fragging bots. I whipped up this map and bot-enabled it in a single day so it's not very detailed.

    I'm releasing it out now cause I felt like it's kind of a waste. :wee:

    This map supports 64 Single Player, Co-op and Conquest.

    The USMC will capture the first line trench quite easily but will probably have a hard time taking the second trench line because after alot of gameplay, my mates figured the flags were way too close. :wee:
    I've only ever managed to take all 6 MEC flags twice in a single round so have fun. Best played with 48 bots on maximum difficulty.

    Do take note that the installer will install to C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2 regardless of what install location you place it. If you've installed it in a custom location (like I have), you'll have to manually go into this folder and drag the contents out back into your Battlefield 2 folder.

    I can't really be bothered to fix the error up top as this was compiled 2 years ago.

    A little overview: