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Mulitplayer launch problem

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  • Vreki
    Re: Mulitplayer launch problem

    Originally posted by -DoT-empire View Post
    -Reinstalled 3 x on different partitions nothing works
    Just a thought, but how about your C: partition?
    The game keeps information about your rank etc. somewhere under C:\Documents and Settings\, so it will need space on C regardless of where you have installed it.

    Those files will probably survive an reinstall too. But if you lose them, you will be back to square one.

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    Guest started a topic Mulitplayer launch problem

    Mulitplayer launch problem

    Hi everyone,

    This morning i tried to run Cod WaW and i got an error when i clicked on the icon.

    Call of duty world at war couldn't write a file. probably your hard drive is full.

    -Hard drive isnt full btw ( more then 500 gb empty ... )
    -The game has worked but now it doesnt
    -Reinstalled 3 x on different partitions nothing works
    -I have all the latest drivers for graphic card, audio etc.

    SPecs : 8800 gt 512 mb
    2 gig ram
    Intel core 2 duo e6750