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MacMillan in Battlefield 2.

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  • MacMillan in Battlefield 2.

    A short Call of Duty 4 short in Battlefield 2.

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    Re: MacMillan in Battlefield 2.

    Doesn't quite have the same effect...


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      Re: MacMillan in Battlefield 2.

      I just felt like making another vid, Macmillan and Vietnam is an epic combination.
      I dont care if it doesn't look like CoD4.. lal.


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        Re: MacMillan in Battlefield 2.,F...-,29723,1.html German, but awesome


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          Re: MacMillan in Battlefield 2.

          I like how they copied my "chink officer". lol.
          They just put it on their site without my permission... stupid fascists, they still got it in them.
          Just like they invaded my country a couple of years ago in 1940, WITHOUT our permission.

          and in the comments they say they dont like it because its a cod4 rip off... and very boring! lol...
          It's not even a parody (alex98^), I just used some sounds.

          They also think it is very unprofessional that the chink bugged through the wall... *sigh*guess they don't know my videos are never "serious". My vids are more.. lol'ish.

          (and no my avatar is just a black G with some red and white, it means nothing.. )

          Big comment, I don't like critism lol.. (dont have too much experience getting it :P)