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Question about ranking system

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  • Question about ranking system

    I was wondering how the ranking system works, where does it save all the ranks and stuff... does it work by your cdkey or....?

    Would love to know.


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    unfortunately your stats are not stored. I myself lost my ranks and stats when I reformatted a couple days ago.


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      Your ranks and unlocks are stored locally on your hard drive in a file called "mpdata", usually located in the following default pathway: C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players\profiles\<your_name_here>

      This file is encrypted, and is tied to your CD key.

      If your hard drive crashes, or the mpdata file becomes corrupt, then you'll lose your ranks and stats. It is a good idea to make a saved backup of this file from time to time.

      NOTE: for those who play on 2 different computers (like one at home and one at work)...if you have the SAME installed version of the game on 2 different computers (ie. installed from the same disc), then they will have the same key, and you can transport the mpdata file between them.


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        I didn't know it was saved on your end. I will have to make a backup for it.