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I Have lost my Profile

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  • I Have lost my Profile

    Well my computer crashed and i had to reinstall windows. I have lost my rank stats I was at about 50. I thought my stats were stored online like, "battlefield 2 or battlefield 2142" do I really have to start all over with my rank? :cry:

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    It's stored locally in your mpdata file inside your profile folder, and to make it worse it's stored in the game folder rather than mydocs.


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      As he says, he re-installed windows.

      If their off your system you can't get them back.

      Not to other players ou there, if your not wanting to loose your stats, I advise you back them up on a seperate drive - The data itself is related to your CD-Key so aslong as you enter the same CD key the next time you install the game then you will be able to use the same data file .

      File is located in C:\Program Files\Activision\ Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warefare\players\profiles\ then in the seperate profile folder ;-P.


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        Sorry buddy but they are gone, always back up your profile and keep it somewhere safe is what i do.