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8800 GT Upgrade - Do I Need More Power?

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    guys dont get connfussed in the watts side of psu more down to the amps that the 12v can produce

    i.e my 8800gts 640mb uses 25amps on full loads

    my psu is a tagan 530w with dual 12vrails and ones dedacted to my pci-e


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      Your PSU shouldn't run that card correctly, but if everything is working and your not getting crashes then I would leave it alone. I believe the 8800 GT asks for a minimum 400 watt PSU with 26amps combined on the 12v rails. The rails are what you need to worry about more then the wattage, if theres no enough amps on the rails then your card is most likely going to screw up.

      I've seen people with 700 watt PSU but not enough amps on the 12v rails and their card couldn't run correctly with BSOD while gaming.

      I checked out the amps for my PSU and I have 53 amps on the 12v rail's total for my evga 8800 GT iam getting in a week or so.