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bf 2 wont install

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  • bf 2 wont install

    I have always been a big fan of the BF series so I have several games on my computer (1942, 2, 2142) and for a year or so after I installed BF 2 I played it and all was great. A few months ago i decided to play some 1942, and I noticed that for some reason it would no longer work so I reinstalled it and played it for awhile and now I have had a thirst to play BF 2, well problem is, it no longer works much like 1942 didn't before. So I figured I'd reinstall it, as that worked for 1942, however everytime I put the disc in it asks for the language and then loads up, only to flash light blue and crash. Can anyone help me?

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    Try manually uninstalling,

    to make sure that everything is gone, and then try again.


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      thanks so much, it seems to be working now. games are getting so complicated to uninstall now!


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        anything done manually is pretty much complicated


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          It's not the games that are difficult to uninstall, but poor programing. They write the installer to add all those registry entries, but can't write it so that when you uninstall they get removed as well.


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            does anyone know why 1942 seems to get messed up when I install the newer games like 2 or 2142 and vice versa?