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Another Connection Problem>>. opinions??!!

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  • Another Connection Problem>>. opinions??!!

    ok, ive seen hundreds of threads all talking about connection problems but none have an answer for me. Whenever i play, any server, my connection is lost after about 3 min., Ive manually updated PB and evrything but nothing has worked. Also when the message "There is a problem with your connection" appears in my in-game screen i just press esc (to go to menu) and then i press esc again to go back in-game and i can play another 3 minutes but its really annoying. HELP

    Asus P5ldx2 Mobo
    Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz
    2 GB Ram
    GeForce 7300 LE 256mb
    150 GB HDD

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    Re: Another Connection Problem>>. opinions??!!

    Do you have a router?

    All correct ports are forwarded?

    And make sure you stop background programs, they can use internet..

    And is it always 3 min?? If so, there can be some kind of program doing a scan or something..

    And there may be an other possibility to solve this. BF is having troubles running on some dual core processors.. Heard the problem was related to yours, connection problems.. So try to run BF on a single core. I have a feeling this might fix it...

    Here some instructions:

    1) press "Ctl + Alt + Delete"
    2) Locate my "BF2.exe" file
    3) right click on that file
    4) Click "Set Affinity"
    5) and deselect one of the processors so only one is on for the game.

    Good luck, report back :salute:


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      Re: Another Connection Problem>>. opinions??!!

      Ok... i run a router,
      all the ports are correctly forwarded
      and it is not always 3 min., its just random but i never get to play more than 5 min at a time.....
      i did the affinity thing and nothing changed.



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        Re: Another Connection Problem>>. opinions??!!

        Did you tried not updating but reinstalling punkbuster?


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          Re: Another Connection Problem>>. opinions??!!

          This maybe far fetched but one thing you could do is set up snmp on your cable modem. You would have to turn on snmp in winxp and set up a graph. After a few days you could see if you are having any connectivity problems. And if you see some then you could contact your isp and clear them up.

 - its freeware


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            Re: Another Connection Problem>>. opinions??!!

            by reinstalling pb you mean deleting the pb folder in the bf2 directory and then running the pbsetup again right?

            ok i just timed each interval... and it happens to be that every 2 minutes i get the message that i have problems with my connection.......


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              Re: Another Connection Problem>>. opinions??!!

              By any chance are you using vista and on a wireless network?