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Problems during SF installation

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  • Problems during SF installation

    Well I had to reformat a while ago and now I feel like playing SF again, I go to install, I enter my CD Key etc etc and it gets to the patching stage. There is a box that says, "Preparing to patch Bf2 to version 1.1. This may take a few minutes. Please wait" I left it on for over 8 hours and it still didn't finish. Anyone know what I could do, have tried a clean install of Battlefield 2 multiple times.

    AMD 3200+
    2GB RAM
    ATi X1600Pro

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    Re: Problems during SF installation

    does an error come up that says "patching failed" or "You need at least 30 gigs of freespace to install this patch"?
    alot of people seem to have this problem


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      Re: Problems during SF installation

      No. I did a serious search around the forums and saw that a lot but never happened to me.


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        Re: Problems during SF installation

        damn, i just found someone with the exact same problem as you but no answers were posted.
        after you installed bf2, did you restart your system before proceeding with SF?


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          Re: Problems during SF installation

          Yup. I have tried it at least 3 times each time I tried I restarted.


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            Re: Problems during SF installation

            ROFL, i just thought i had your problem solved. went over to the BF2S forums and found someone else with the same problem.

            posted: 1 year, 6 months ago
            i just got special forces for christmas and it won't install!
            it starts of saying patching..please wait but it never finishes patching!
            could sum1 pleez help
            couple days later:
            well, ive got it to get on to the next part, and it patches quickly for some reason now, but i have to re-install it after it gets up to installing the maps!!!
            would be nice to know how he did that...

            YESSSS!! i finally installed it!!! woo

            cept now i have a huge amount of trouble starting it up as it says Please insert special forces into the CD drive and try again...

            it sometimes plays tho
            wtf??? this was an ongoing thread with several people having problems and he never gave an explanation as to how he fixed it??

            posted: 5 days, 1 hour ago
            what did you do to fix this problem?? i have the same one and have been trying to fix it for ages.

            any help would be greatly appreciated.
            (a one year revive with still no solution)
            srry man, i know all that reading didnt fix your problem, i just thought this was kind of funny
            but i really dont know what to disable security software while installing?
            your forgeting this is EA you cant just wake up one morning and say i feel like playing SF, you gotta take a day to plan this sort of thing out and and then proceed with your fingers crossed.


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              Re: Problems during SF installation

              Lol no problem.

              Yes I have turned off any unnecessary program that was running and no luck.

              I have been trying to install it now everyday for 3 days:hmm:


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                Re: Problems during SF installation

                hmm wish someone else would help..just keep bumping the thread lol
                for now ill keep looking and let you know if i find a reasonable solution.
                theres gotta be one for it somewhere

                edit: another thing to try in the mean time is patch 1.41 after you install bf2 then install SF and 1.41 again if it works.