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Does anyone shoot while standing?

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  • AlexIsUber
    Re: Does anyone shoot while standing?

    i shot g3 a lot while standing and killed. and other unlocks.

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  • jesus
    started a topic Does anyone shoot while standing?

    Does anyone shoot while standing?

    From my experience, the guns are absolutely useless if you were to shoot them while standing, and even worse if you were standing and moving. The only way to really hit anyone is by going prone, and only going prone. The G36E can hit while standing, but if you tried to walk while shooting, it's useless.

    I hate the fact that you have to go prone if you want to get any kills. And even when you go prone, you have to stay still, otherwise the crosshairs will widen up and you'll miss every shot.
    I can see support guns needing to go prone, but other guns shouldn't. The only guns that are unaffected by standing/crouching/prone are the sniper rifles.

    They should have made the game so the guns fire like on America's Army. You can be strafing or moving while firing, and still get some bullets to hit.