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dissapointed with Australian Forces

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    Re: dissapointed with Australian Forces

    developing takes a lot of work, more than most people understand. Making all new voices, formatting them, getting them to sound correct in game, im sure its not too easy.

    Even skinning is a ***** from what I hear. Some of these dev teams are much bigger than others. Its not fair to compare a team of 3 or 4 to a POE2 or a PR for instance.

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    dissapointed with Australian Forces

    I just downloaded Aussie Forces... I gotta say I'm disappointed.

    Being a proud Aussie, I thought it would be rad as but there was not much effort put into it (cant blame them i guess - EA isn't Aussie)

    now this could just be my settings or something but...
    -the Australian teams have American voices
    -even in single player there is a bit of lag compared to normal BF2 servers (that are full eg. 64/64)
    -the guns are just the second unlocks in BF2 with different covers to them.

    The one thing I did like was the attack chopper and the jets... they are completely different in sound, appearance and performance.

    Any Aussies who have played it... what are your thoughts on BF2 Australian Forces?