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    Hello from SeriousHat Productions!

    As I now have enough actors to shoot, I am now officially announcing the upcoming film:

    The Hunter

    Read below for a brief overview.

    A quick overview:

    After violent attacks on U.S. transports heading through the Gulf of Oman, the United States President has agreed to meet with Abdul-Aleem Ashrow, the leader of the Middle Eastern Armed Forces.

    The meeting is held to commence peace keeping operations and for a peace treaty to be signed. The meeting is to be quick, no longer than 45 minutes. 160th SOAR and Delta teams have been established in the area for security, and are on standby 5 miles away from the location.

    When the President arrives, the meeting begins and goes according to plan, but when a Middle Eastern body guard spots a blackhawk helicopter overhead, chaos ensues. Within a mere ten minutes, the president, his bodyguards, and all U.S. Teams in the area are killed.

    The casualties are staggering, 32 American lives are lost that day, May 3, 2004.

    It is now up to two elite Marine snipers to enter hostile territory and take out
    Abdul-Aleem Ashrow before they can launch an even stronger offensive on the United States.
    Once inserted, the two snipers make their way to a desirable location and wait for the green light. The shot is taken perfectly, a clean and deadly shot. However, while making their way to extraction, the two snipers are spotted, and it will take everything they have learned, every bit of training, and sheer determination to make it out alive.
    They were the hunters, but now they are the hunted.

    Estimated time: 15 minutes.
    Estimated completion date: June, 2007.

    All help is welcome, we are still accepting recruits and voice actors. Current roster includes:

    -Major Assaults
    -Mr Totally Medic
    -DogSoldier*BIA* "if needed"

    *Filming will begin this Saturday March 3, at approximately 2 p.m. Eastern Standard.