I really enjoy mapping and work every day of the week for more than 2 hours a day. i can do almost any map you request or i can draw a plan and display it to lead level designer. well here is my application i hope you accept me but thats ok if you dont

Name: Joe Brammer
GM: 0Milarkey0
email: harrier13@hotmail.com
age: 14

Expirience: I have been mapping for about 4 years now ever scince 1942.

all my RECENT mapping pictures are located here: http://www.putfile.com/milarkey

Mapping: I have been mapping for 4 years now and i continue doing so. i enjoy it very much and can lay down a plan for my seniors or do there ideas but i prefere to create my own.

Moddeling: i have been moddeling for a few months now but my first and only saved and pictured object is in the putfile account. i can not export,texture, or create moving objects only static ones.

Soundtrack Creation: i have been making my own soundtrack music for about a year now. i can create almost any soundtrack (no lyrics) for a specific type of mod.

Coding: I can code maps and very very basic preset vehicles and such. i would prefere not to be a coder.

thankyou for reading. i am always checking my PM's