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boycotting 2142? or too cheap?

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    Re: boycotting 2142? or too cheap?

    For me it is about the boycott.. not for the adware they included (although that is an enticing reason to boycott alone) but rather for the way they (EA/Dice) have treated me as a consumer in the past (BFV support failure, BF2 patching and lack of or delays in critical fixes, BF1942 patching and mod community impact). This is why I am boycotting it.


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      Re: boycotting 2142? or too cheap?

      Originally posted by Mr. ADHD

      So you're boycotting BF2142? Or you're just not into the "space" theme. Well I have a news for you.
      Boycotting it. I like science fiction and futuristic battle type games, but this falls short of what I hoped it would be. As it's been stated by many gamers, 2142 acts like a mod of BF2. So no, I'm not paying $65 for a mod.


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        Re: boycotting 2142? or too cheap?

        Originally posted by Garabaldi
        I'd rather not support a bug filled, ad ridden mindless shooting game - especially one which is just BF2 in a new coat of paint.



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          Re: boycotting 2142? or too cheap?

          Meh, picked it up, played it, ranked up 4 times in a few hours, got bored of a game that revolved more around getting kills, then actually capping. That's pretty much all you do in BF2142:Kill people. There is just simply no strategy, and if you're not dealing with spawnrapers from the get-go padding their stats, you're having to contend with APCs you can barely scratch, due to seemingly how ineffective the rockets are in the starter kit for Engineer.

          The colors are awful, and the way things move in that enviroment drive my senses batty. I can't help but to think that it's just BF2 with new skins. They could have made a mod out of it, and just released it like that. It doesn't even feel futuristic, really. It's a really poor attempt at sci-fi grunge, and it just doesn't manage to convey the desperate, apocalyptic fight it tries to present in the map briefings.

          It moves too quick to be strategic, to be honest. It's just exchanging mad rushes at each other with kits that have too much individual power and firepower. Assault and Medic should be seperate. So should Sniper and Spec Ops, and Engineer and Anti-Tank. That's where BF2 found it's balance. It was just slow enough to make you think and fight as a squad to win, and it spread out the necessary jobs amongst enough people that you could have balanced squads, instead of this madness of Assault with powerful weapons, and the ability to heal and revive.

          The only thing that would have seperated BF2142 from BF2, would have been Titan mode, and I played was crap when the Titan started to get crowded, and once the Titan got crowded, the whole game would go downhill from there, and would sputter and creak until it crashed. Nevermind that you can't even play one round now without a assured CTD.

          I'm going back to BF2, and 2142 is going back to EBgames where I got it(Receipt!), so nuts to that. I'll load up Call of Duty if I want that kind of mindless killing frenzies. I play Battlefield for Conquest mode and teamwork.


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            Re: boycotting 2142? or too cheap?

            Well it looks very crappy from the videos I've seen. It sounds crappy from what most people say. And then I hear about adware. The verdict: It's in my sig.


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              Re: boycotting 2142? or too cheap?

              B 2142 has never really interested me, I played the demo a few times, crashed to desktop about every 5 minutes no matter the server. Played the full game for about 10 minutes, and....CTD!!! Im just glad that I didnt pay for it, was a friends house. That, and there view of the "future" is terrible....if we only get as advanced as that game by then, I would be dissapointed, thankfully, I will be dead, and wont have to deal with Walking war machines, when something that could...IDK...hover? would be much better. We all saw star wars, you just need to trip them. /end rambling


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                Re: boycotting 2142? or too cheap?

                *points to sticky and obeys


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                  Re: boycotting 2142? or too cheap?

                  BF2142 was clearly designed for the Karkand playing masses - hence the concentration on points and ranks and unlocks, the design of titan mode so that every round would play out like the infamous hotel completely safe from the vehicles, the madness of constant attrition of nothing more than killing and dying, the castrated air power, the equal power of infantry and vehicles and the total lack of progress or innovation


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                    Re: boycotting 2142? or too cheap?

                    here's a thread from total2142...just so you know I'm not the only one.

                    Well, I bought 2142 and don't get me wrong, I really like it.
                    But a lot of people are saying how good BF2 was and how much better it was.
                    I'm just wondering if it's worth shelling out another 30$ for it.
                    I would like an HONEST comparison.
                    Thank you.
                    Cause idk if BF2 is better.
                    thanks in advanced


                    Mongo Only Pawn's

                    Go for it - I may just go back to BF2 for a bit myself....


                    I wouldn't buy it, the only people that are going to be left playing it in a couple of months are the really hard core people.


                    Nope, stick with 2142, it's more balanced and there's far less hackers around (for the time being anyway).

                    Y'know, irony can be pretty ironic sometimes...


                    People also say previous titles are better, take that with limited warranty - as the internet is a garbage dumb for people's bullsh1t tbh.

                    Before you buy something, would be wise to try the demo for yourself.

                    Personally, i bought BF2, played for like 1-2 months and uninstalled.
                    I don't regret buying BF2, but it had a lot of annoyances (imbalanced kits, vehicles overpowered especially damn airplanes, etc) which i can easily say BF2142 is going to stay for much longer.

                    Stick with 2142, were do you think all these players came from, bf2. No one plays bf2 except poor loser who cant afford 2142 and die hards that need every possible rank and unlock to feel satisfied.

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                    Mr. ADHD

                    what are you crazy?

                    In all honesty, BF2 pales in comparision. There are way more options in 2142 than BF2. You'd get bored in a few weeks. The maps stink...and the action is WAYYY slower.

                    Don't get me wrong. I LOVED BF2, however I was blind and now I see the light.

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                    BF2 is fun. The unlocks are simpler, squads play is about the same and the maps are good. Be warned though, air power has a MUCH greater level of power than 2142. Play a couple RDS of operation clean sweep and you'll see what I mean. I enjoy the two games equally.
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                    2142 is a better overall game....period.

                    It is more balanced and interesting in almost every way. This is especially true if you like infantry combat.

                    The only reason to buy BF2 is if you really love vehicle combat, especially flying. The vehicles are generally more powerfull in BF2.

                    BF2 is in the "never play again" bin for me.


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                      Re: boycotting 2142? or too cheap?

                      Do you work for EA? lol jk
                      BF2142 stinks, and I'm not going to buy it. While I have not bought it, I have friends who have, and have watched it get played (though I've never been behind the control), and it stinks ultra!


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                          Re: boycotting 2142? or too cheap?

                          Originally posted by SuperTyphoon
                          1. EA. 2. Don't like space theme. 3. Dice. 4. EA.
                          well said that about sums it up.