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  • Forum Popularity decline

    I was just thinking the other day how much fun it was coming to TGN back in the day to chat with other members and look at all the new posts and replying and even playing a few rounds of BF2 together. And then before you know it went into decline and then almost nonexistent. Why do you think this was? I really do miss those days.

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    Constant database issues didn't help.

    Constant getting dicked around by the former owners didn't help (domain renewals, etc.).

    Social media sure didn't help. This is Twitter, Facebook, even Reddit. Publishers and studios moved to having their own outlets to talk to their fans instead of relying on specialized game forums. Not to mention, there are sites that still have some devs on them that often drive the devs away because of assholes (I just watched a couple leave ResetERA in the past day or two because of it, one being John (Dark1x) from Digital Foundry). Devs just don't have control over it like they would their own sites or social media.

    Reddit and Twitter make it super easy to get news now. Who needs gaming sites when it's all just tossed up on Reddit in an arms race for quick karma. Game changelogs are posted there. Devs post insight and field feedback there. New announcements are made on Twitter these days.

    Everyone just uses texting or WhatsApp to talk to friends. Don't need message boards for that. I'm sure IRC is also far more dead than it used to be in its prime. I haven't used that in forever either.


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      Great answer Zipay. I really commend you for keeping TGN alive all these years. I really do need to stop by more often. I would love to see a forum revival.