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Live Out Fantastic JRPG Adventures During the Kemco Publisher Sale on the Microsoft Store

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  • Live Out Fantastic JRPG Adventures During the Kemco Publisher Sale on the Microsoft Store

    RPGs have always been a genre well accepted by core gamers,
    and we assume anyone could agree that for a good RPG, the story-driven
    experience is more valuable than the overall graphics quality. Not that the
    graphics are unimportant, but an adequate visual quality with a good story, and
    unique strategic system can provide at least 20 to 30 hours of fun. Not
    investing in graphics but in story and system make the game development faster
    and effective, which is also why we can work on a stable almost-monthly release
    on the platform.

    Thinking we own an RPG factory with a belt conveyor, smoke
    and anime characters coming out from their chimney? Not at all. We have awesome
    development studios who use their own engines, programmers, writers, and
    designers that work hard to make each game unique and different each other! We
    support them side-by-side during the development, giving feedback at early
    stages to maintain a high standard especially in the story-driven experience.
    Of course, another important objective we aim, is to make our RPGs unique but
    also universal, so that any kind of players can enjoy them.

    We are
    proud of our developers’ hard work, and proud of our catalog, that’s why we
    have decided to put some of the best titles from our JRPGs at a more affordable
    price for a limited time, hoping players can dive into different adventures of
    their choice from home.

    Below are some (very subjective and personal) brief
    introductions to each title:

    Revenant Dogma (40% off)
    This was made after Revenant Saga, but it’s not a direct sequel so anyone can start with it. The battles in the stylized 3D artworks are not to be missed!

    Asdivine Hearts (40% off)
    One of the best Kemco RPGs, from the acclaimed Asdivine series. The humoris exchanges between the main hero, the feline, and female characters are just pure fun.

    Fernz Gate (40% off)
    An expectable outcome? Blah, I love them! Our fans have still given us positive reviews and feedback on this adventure of a schooler hero suddenly waking up in another world.

    Chronus Arc (40% off)
    If you like puzzles in dungeons, crafting elements, and weird villains, this one is for you! One of my favorites.

    Alvastia Chronicles (40% off)
    Revenge will not bring you peace, but still you must start with revenge to set out for an adventure to save the world. Retro-lovers will like it.

    Bonds of the Skies (40% off)
    If you like turn-based battles of front-view and partnering with strange creatures (that are actually elemental deities in the game), this one’s for you. I liked it.

    Revenant Saga (30% off)
    A mix of the traditional 2D world exploration and advanced 3D battles. The transformation system makes the battle unique compared to other RPGs.

    Antiquia Lost (30% off)
    Definitely I must introduce our heroine… who said she’s a slime? Well, she is, and this will suffice.

    Illusion of L’Phalcia (30% off)
    Another joint of 2D and 3D experience. The legendary sword that grants any wish is fine, but the heroine has quite an arguable unique character. Play and tell us what you think!

    Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey (30% off)
    Dragons, hack and slash! Explore dungeons, craft items, upgrade weapons, cook dishes, and enjoy your quest with a variety of original and colorful characters awaiting during your adventure!

    not satisfied with only 10 adventures? No worries! You will see more RPGs,
    deals and news coming up in the future, and have the chance to save the world
    once again with swords, magic, romance, humor, love and justice… and a little
    bit of grinding (who said boosts solve everything?).

    careful not to get lost in dungeons.

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