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Google is Shutting Down Stadia, Issuing Full Refunds on Purchases

Who could have ever seen this coming?

Moments ago, The Verge issued a new report saying that Google is shutting down Stadia. The service will remain up and running for all players until January 18, 2023.

Those who have purchased any Stadia hardware through the Google Store, plus those that purchased Stadia game releases and add-on content through the Stadia storefront will also be fully refunded. These refunds are expected to be completed by mid-January.


Massive Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks

Over 90 gameplay videos have been leaked online. Yes, 90. Nine zero.

Earlier this morning, someone took to and posted a link to over 90 gameplay clips from the not-yet-officially-revealed Grand Theft Auto 6.

The user, going by the forum name teapotuberhacker, started a thread on GTAForums in the wee hours of the morning. The post was pretty straightforward. They say, "here are 90 footage/clips from GTA 6." They continue on to say that it's "possible...

EVGA Terminates Partnership with Nvidia Due to "Disrespectful Treatment"

One of the largest, if not the largest Nvidia board partner will no longer produce Nvidia graphics cards.

The tech and hardware focused YouTube channel, Gamers Nexus, broke the news today that EVGA will no longer produce Nvidia graphics cards. This includes the upcoming, and very soon to be released, RTX 40-series generation.

EVGA has been one of the largest, if not the largest third-party board partner if you were looking to purchase an Nvidia based GPU. The quality of...

Narrative Campaigns to Return to Battlefield via Newly Formed Ridgeline Games

Newly formed Ridgeline Games will dedicate themselves to new narrative campaigns for Battlefield.

EA just announced that they have added another studio to their plethora of development teams. Their new studio is the Seattle-based Ridgeline Games, and it is being led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto. Ridgeline Games "will be focused on developing a narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe."

Over the past several weeks, Lehto has been making his presence...

New PlayStation 5 Model is More Energy Efficient

The new model includes a new motherboard and cooling.

Last month, Australians were the first to receive the latest hardware revision on PlayStation 5 hardware. Sony quietly released a new SKU of their latest console without saying what exactly was new or changed in comparison to earlier models. YouTuber Austin Evans (via The Verge) managed to get his hands on one of these new models and found out that there are a lot of internal changes.

Evans found that Sony is using...
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  • Gotham Knights Launch Trailer

    Gotham Knights Launch Trailer

    The (probably) final trailer ahead of the game's launch later this month.

    Warner Bros. Games and DC released a new game4play trailer today for Gotham Knights. This trailer is a little special when compared to all of the previous trailers. What makes this one so special? Well, it's the launch gameplay trailer and is, presumably, the final trailer before the game releases on October 21.

    Gotham Knights is an upcoming open-world action-RPG that is coming out on the 21st for...
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  • Updates Released for Steam Client and Team Fortress 2

    Updates Released for Steam Client and Team Fortress 2

    Valve pushed out updates today for Steam and Team Fortress 2.

    We have two whole updates to share with you today courtesy of Valve. The first is word of a new Steam client update. The second is an update that was released today for Team Fortress 2. It's like a NewsBits, but smaller and potentially way less interesting.

    In addition to today's Team Fortress 2 update, there was an update released just yesterday that kicked off the Scream Fortress XIV event, bringing some Halloween scares and items to the game. ...
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  • Chris Pratt and His Very Normal Voice Debut in First Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

    Chris Pratt really went all out for his role as Mario in the new film.

    Earlier at New York Comic-Con, Nintendo revealed the first trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie. The film, which is being created as a joint effort between Nintendo and Illumination, was revealed as part of a special Nintendo Direct that aired online and for those physically in attendance in New York.

    The trailer, which should be embedded below, gives us a look at Bowser, some cute but determined...
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  • The Liquidators Event Begins October 11 in Battlefield 2042

    The Liquidators Event Begins October 11 in Battlefield 2042

    A limited time event with earnable cosmetics and a focus on close-quarters combat.

    DICE announced a new in-game event coming very soon to Battlefield 2042. During their new Battlefield Briefing Blog, DICE detailed what fans can expect when The Liquidators kicks off on October 11.

    This limited time event, which ends on October 25, will feature special close-quarter combat variants of the existing maps that should make fans of the Domination game type very happy. It will...
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  • Need for Speed Unbound Revealed, Anime Aesthetic and All

    Need for Speed Unbound Revealed, Anime Aesthetic and All

    The new Need for Speed game has a very unique art style.

    Over the course of several months, we have seen a few leaks of a new Need for Speed game. Back in April, a gameplay clip surfaced showing off some anime-inspired visual flair from an alpha build of the game. Today, the new game was officially announced by Electronic Arts and Criterion Games.

    The new game is called Need for Speed Unbound and it once again tasks you with evading the police and taking on all other street...
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  • Steam Deck Docking Station is Now Available for Purchase

    Steam Deck Docking Station is Now Available for Purchase

    Dock your Deck and connect all sorts of peripherals.

    Though the Steam Deck itself has been up for order for quite some time now, the Docking Station was nowhere to be seen. Valve pushed back the release of the Dock for quite a while, but that wait is finally over. If you have a Steam Deck already, or are planning to get one in the near future, you can now also purchase the Steam Deck Docking Station for $89.00 (USD).

    The Docking Station includes a number of different ports...
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  • Dead Space Remake PC System Requirements Revealed

    Dead Space Remake PC System Requirements Revealed

    16GB of RAM is the minimum and your GTX 1060 won't cut the mustard either.

    Those of you who are still rocking lower to mid-range Nvidia 10 series cards may need to consider upgrading soon. This is especially true if you plan on playing the upcoming Dead Space remake, slated to be out on January 27, 2023.

    As part of the game's presence on the Steam Store, the minimum and recommended PC specs were revealed. Some of the notable requirements here are the need for an Nvidia...
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  • WynnBET Sportsbook AZ

    WynnBET Sportsbook AZ

    WynnBET Sportsbook AZ is one of the most popular sportsbooks in the state. WynnBET AZ offers a wide variety of sports betting options, including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and more. The WynnBET Sportsbook AZ is also one of the only sportsbooks in the state that offers full NFL Sunday Ticket coverage. The WynnBET Sportsbook AZ has been praised for its customer service and prompt response times.

    WynnBET Sportsbook AZ is a secure and reliable

    WynnBET Sportsbook AZ is a secure...
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  • Jennifer Hale Replaces Hellena Taylor as Voice of Bayonetta

    Jennifer Hale Replaces Hellena Taylor as Voice of Bayonetta

    Bayonetta has a new voice in Bayonetta 3 but the reasons behind the switch are murky.

    Back in September 2021, the original voice actor for Bayonetta, Hellena Taylor, put up a string of tweets that seemed to suggest that she would not return to voice the titular character in Bayonetta 3.

    Taylor has been the voice of Bayonetta for the English version of the game since the series made its debut back in 2010. At that time, she could not outright say whether or not she was...
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  • New Rumor Suggests Half-Life: Alyx is Coming to PlayStation VR2

    New Rumor Suggests Half-Life: Alyx is Coming to PlayStation VR2

    This is just a rumor from one source, so make of it what you will.

    According to a report from The Leak, Half-Life: Alyx will be coming to PlayStation VR2. The Leak, citing an anonymous source, claims that Sony was busy negotiating with Valve about bringing Half-Life: Alyx over to PSVR 2 for quite some time before an agreement was reached.

    They go on to say that Sony bought the publishing rights to Half-Life: Alyx for PlayStation VR2. While it seems odd that Valve wouldn't...
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  • Overwatch 2 Suffering from DDoS Attacks on Launch Day

    Overwatch 2 Suffering from DDoS Attacks on Launch Day

    Blizzard and server issues with a new game launch, name a more iconic duo.

    Overwatch 2 technically launched today, and you may be inclined to believe that were you able to actually get into the game. Unfortunately for most people not in a special priority queue, you have been met with long login wait times or just no response from the server at all.

    According to Blizzard president Mike Ybarra, the Overwatch 2 servers have been hit with "a mass DDoS attack." According...
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  • Sony Says Single Player PlayStation Games to Remain Console Exclusive for at Least a Year

    PC releases of Sony's biggest PlayStation first-party titles won't be released on PC until at least a year has passed.

    A new interview between French YouTuber Julien Chièze and PlayStation Head of Worldwide Studios Human Hulst revealed some new details about console-exclusive timeframes. Specifically, we learned how Sony plans to handle live-service (GAAS) releases and how they will handle single player PlayStation exclusives.

    Hulst suggests that if and when they release...
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  • Company of Heroes 3 Delayed Until 2023

    Company of Heroes 3 Delayed Until 2023

    The war has been delayed.

    Company of Heroes 3 from Relic Entertainment has been delayed until February 23, 2023. The studio behind the World War II-themed strategy title says that they just aren't happy with the state of the game at present. With the game initially set to release on November 17, 2022, a delay of several months seems like the best course of action here.

    This extra time will give Relic more time to work on fixing bugs, address various areas of gameplay...
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  • CD Projekt Red Announces Several Witcher and Cyberpunk Projects

    CD Projekt Red Announces Several Witcher and Cyberpunk Projects

    The studio plans on at least seven new projects after the release of the Phantom Liberty expansion.

    CD Projekt Red just outlined several projects that they have planned or that are already in some form of active development at their studio. Through a series of tweets, the studio talked about their "long-term product outlook" that includes new fewer than seven new projects that will come at some point after the Phantom Liberty expansion releases for Cyberpunk 2077.
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  • Dead Space Remake Details and New Trailer

    Dead Space Remake Details and New Trailer

    Did you know, if you take the first letter from each chapter it...

    EA just revealed new details on the upcoming Dead Space remake. We were given a wealth of new information today in the form of a new gameplay trailer. We were also given some text-based details on what to expect with this remake.

    As it stands, Dead Space is still on track to be released on January 27, 2023. It is being developed for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin, Steam, and Epic Games...
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