Season 6 delayed, so here is some old content you may like instead.

DICE announced today that they have had to push Season 6 for Battlefield 2042 back by a month. That means Season 6 will now be out in October instead of September as initially planned. That also means that there is now a gap between the end of Season 5 and the start of Season 6.

That's where Battlefield 2042: Redux comes into play. This interim season will bring back those limited-time modes from previous seasons. This will give you a chance to play those modes now if you missed them in previous seasons. It also gives you an opportunity to pick up some limited-time bundles from the in-game store, unlock 18 cosmetic rewards (five of which are new), and also play some of "the best Portal experiences."

Battlefield 2042: Redux begins on August 29 and will run for a period of six weeks. Returning modes include Rush Chaos XL, Tactical Conquest, Conquest Assault, Breakthrough Chaos, and Shutdown. An infographic and calendar showing a breakdown of the returning content can be found below.

Infographic showing the returning content coming back to Battlefield 2042.A calendar showing when specific events will take place in the Redux season of Battlefield 2042.

DICE is also making it a bit easier to earn the cosmetics this time. Like before, you will need to earn Ribbons to unlock rewards. This time, you will be able to earn Ribbons from all official game modes in both All-Out Warfare and Battlefield Portal. This means you don't have to play the specific event modes to earn the unlocks.

There will be a small quality of life update released for this small Redux season. This includes some balance adjustments for Engineers, plus a new Codex feature so that you can maybe finally figure out just WTF is going on with this game's lore.

As part of today's announcement for Battlefield 2042: Redux, DICE also offered the smallest possible glimpse at the Season 6 map coming in October. It's literally a blink and you'll miss it sort of glimpse.