This leak comes from well-known data miner temporyal.
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The bad news that is the literal everything surrounding Battlefield 2042 will continue to get that much worse if the latest leak is to be believed. To say that the launch of the anticipated latest release in the Battlefield franchise was a bit lacking would be an understatement. Unfortunately, it looks like the game will have to limp along until at least March 2022.

A newly shared data mine, from known Battlefield data miner temporyal, suggests that there are 12 pre-season weeks included in the current Battlefield 2042 client. Taken at face value, this means that the first "season" won't actually begin until sometime in March 2022. Of course, it is possible that some of the pre-season weeks were included as a "backup" plan if needed by the developers. It is entirely possible the first season may arrive earlier.

This does not mean that DICE and EA won't be updating the game with fixes until March. It simply means that no new substantial content will be added until at least March. The kind of content that we'll all be stuck with until then includes things like the current map lineup and very limited selection of weapons.

temporyal also found some additional information concerning the map (singular) that will come with that new season in March. Information that was previously data mined saw references to a map with a working title named "Ridge." The latest data suggests that "Ridge" is now going to be called Exposure. This is a map set in British Columbia in Canada. It will, yet again, be the United States vs. Russia, or the Clone Wars, whichever you prefer.

Naturally, this is all just rumor and assumptions right now. The data, while real, is always subject to change. The dates may change. The content may change. The names may change. Who knows, maybe we'll all get a big surprise content drop before March 2022 that adds in five new maps, 20+ new weapons, and a scoreboard.

Ah, a man can dream.