The Fall update for Battlefield 1 was released earlier today across all available platforms. The changelog is massive and includes tons of fixes, balancing, and changes to the game. The problem is it also seems to cause some issues for a number of users.

Players have reported a drastic increase in texture flickering with this update in addition to a number of crashes. Others that have updated their Nvidia drivers have also reported less performance from previous drivers. Good luck to those updating today! At least Suez isn't complete garbage now?

Changelog for Battlefield 1 for 11152016 update
  • Increase attacker maximum tickets from 150 to 250
  • Increased the amount of tickets regained from killing retreating defenders after capturing a sector from 2 to 3.
  • Increased the amount of minimum ticket regained when capturing a sector in 64p Operations from 30 to 50.
  • Slightly reduced the time it takes to capture flags.

40 player
  • Increase attacker maximum tickets to 200 from 150
  • Increased the amount of tickets regained from killing retreating defenders after capturing a sector from 2 to 3.
  • Slightly reduced the time it takes to capture flags.
  • Added two additional flags on the Suez map, giving it a total of 5 flags.
  • Added 1 armored car for either team to spawn in their HQ.
  • Reduced the size of the capture volumes on the flags located in the villages, old A & B flag. This is to reduce the amount of building interiors located within the capture area. The change should result in the flags being easier to capture.




Weapon Balance
  • Light Machine Guns were less attractive than other weapon classes, we have given them various forms of adjustments to make them more viable mid-range weapons.
  • Increased LMG and SLR bullet suppression at medium range.
  • Increased aimed accuracy of support machine guns.
  • Decreased Lewis first shot recoil multiplier.
  • Decreased Huot first shot recoil multiplier.
  • Increased BAR M1918 horizontal recoil.
  • Low Weight machine guns now also gain accuracy faster during fire.
  • Added bipods to Low Weight LMGs.
  • Reduced effect of recoil direction slightly and made it scale correctly with recoil modifiers like bipods.
  • Adjusted accuracy values of SMGs and LMGs in customize to better represent differences.
  • Hellriegel now overheats a little bit slower and has increased horizontal recoil.
  • Slightly reduced Mle 1903 reload time.
  • Reduced deploy time of Mle 1903 and Repetierpistole M1912 and sped up the deploy animation for a higher energy feeling.
  • Slightly reduced the rate of fire of the Russian 1895 Infantry and Sniper and made the time when you can fire again more readable.
  • Changed damage multipliers for buckshot to be more consistent. This will eliminate some unintentionally high and unintentionally low damage hits.

Gadget Balance
  • Mortars now require a time after deploy before they are fully accurate.
  • Increased the inaccuracy penalty for firing multiple mortar rounds quickly.
  • Reduced the max damage radius of Support Airburst mortars. Mortars will need to land closer to do their full 65 damage.
  • The minimap targeting function of Mortars now shows the current accuracy level of the strike. The red dot only appears when the strike is at maximum accuracy
  • Both Support Mortars can now fire 2 smoke rounds in addition to their default round. A Hint has been added to explain the feature.
  • The HE Mortar now correctly has the same range as the Airburst Mortar.

  • Rifle grenades have a delay after firing.

  • Decreased time until explosion after collision from 1.1 s to 0.7 s
  • Added minimum time of 1.0 s before it can explode after firing
  • Reduced collision speed multiplier from 0.15 to 0.12 to make it bounce a bit less

  • Reduced blast radius from 7 m to 6 m
  • Increased minimum time before explosion after firing from 0.3 s to 0.75 s

  • Removed the delay before being able to fire primary or secondary again after deploying a gadget or throwing a grenade.
  • Changed Madsen shell eject VFX to the bottom, which is the correct position.
  • Fixed too high reload threshold on the Lewis MG which lead to accidentally cancelling reloads.
  • Reduced reload times of Autoloading 8 Extended to better match the animation.
  • Fixed left recoil direction not working on BAR 1918 Telescopic.
  • Fixed issue the Hellfighter Trench Gun having no visible iron sights in ADS.
  • Fixed the reload animation for Autoloading 8.25.
  • Fixed chevron reticle not showing up on Gewehr 98 Marksman.
  • Selbstlader 1906 Factory, Autoloading 8 .35 Factory and Marksman now resupply 10 bullets at a time.

  • Improved behavior when switching between primary weapons and rifle grenades when going ADS.
  • Fix for pickaxe clipping through the hand.
  • The distance scale in the Trench Periscope is now visible again.
  • Corrected velocities of Rifle Grenades when using the Autoloading 8 Marksman.
  • Fixed so only the player who placed the mortar can use it.
  • Fixed the Mortar sometimes deploying inside objects.
  • Made the Mortar and Trench Shield easier to deploy.
  • Fixed issue where players using Toggle Zoom could get stuck when using the AT Rocket Gun or Tankgewehr.
  • Increased the time required to draw and keep out your melee weapon after an attack. This avoids players accidentally ending up with an active melee weapon during heated close quarter fighting.

  • Tracers that ricochet off armored vehicles are now more easily seen
  • Added hit indicator sound for glancing hit on vehicles.
  • Added hint prompts to soldiers that explain the explosion damage reduction in prone.
  • Many important hints will now show up to 3 times before never showing again.
  • Added additional hints for some vehicle gadgets that players were having a hard time understanding.
  • Scoring for Behemoth damage no longer comes only in 20 point chunks. Smaller damage amounts will register a point value. The total damage point value of a Behemoth has not changed.
  • Fix for player occasionally being teleported when exiting the field gun during reload animation
  • Added non-gamepad Joystick support.

Vehicle Balance
  • Fortress Gun does greater damage against vehicles and has a bigger lethal area against infantry.
  • AA

Decreased damage of AA cannons against planes and plane parts.
Reduced AA Truck range to better align with stationary AA and prevent HQ camping.
Fixed badly aligned shell eject VFX of the stationary AA.
  • Planes
  • Reduced the damage a Cavalry soldier takes from headshots.
  • Increased the range that AT grenades can be thrown from horseback.
  • Increased the damage hand grenades do vs transport vehicles.
  • The Armored Artillery Truck now does slightly more damage up close, and less damage at long range. The bullet drop has also been reduced to enable players to hit at longer ranges.
  • Vehicle deployed mines can now have up to 6 mines alive in the world at one time (was 3).
  • The Train on Suez now has a Heavy Mortar on the front turret instead of the 57mm AT gun. This gives it more impact on the flags.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the soldier would enter the AA gun from the wrong direction.
  • Fix for explosion fire being present for too long after an airplane crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could hide in a damaged armored car turret.
  • The tank hunter attack plane now reloads automatically when idle, comparable to tanks.
  • Fixed players spawning into the Armored Train when spawning should be unavailable.
  • Fixed Rumpler Attack Plane to properly gain health when using the Wing Repair ability.
  • Fixed collision problems with wrecked Mark 5.
  • Fixed so torpedo boats are immortal when spawned until player has entered them to prevent an exploit.
  • Fixed some vehicle tooltips appearing even after the player has left the vehicle.
  • Behemoth overview HUD now displays broken weapons and turrets on all Behemoths. When in a Behemoth seat that is broken, you will now see an indicator for the repair progress.
  • Fixed so all airplanes can deploy Emergency Repair for any damage amount.
  • Fixed some aircraft being able to activate Emergency Repair despite not having it equipped.
  • Reduced amount of blur effect when using artillery weapons
  • Aligned camera on beckers guns better with the ironsights.
  • Added support to decouple passenger aiming from being affected by turning the vehicle.
  • Improved visuals for zoom scope and bomb scope views in vehicles.
  • Bomb sight and artillery aiming now uses the water surface to display range instead of the ocean floor.

  • Fix for a problem where ragdoll screams on velocity can start stuttering if a series of ragdoll impacts happen in succession.
  • Fixed several VO timings.
  • Fixed a bug where the gas alert VO would trigger in faulty situations and was heard too far and long.
  • Fix for a VO issue where EoR could double-trigger when changing team after the first attempt.
  • Fix for a crash related to switching from Atmos to non-Atmos too quickly.
  • Adjusted engine sound behavior over terrain on motorcycles.
  • Removed shell eject sounds for pieper carbine.
  • Tweaked timings on BAR M1918 fire sound.
  • Fixed phasing sound for the Fortress Gun.
  • Changed incoming sound for armored train artillery shell.
  • Fixed issues where the Operations introduction music would start playing late on PS4 or Xbox One.
  • Fixed a case where the music would not loop after finishing the last round in an Operation.
  • Adjusted several subtitle timings.
  • Added diagonal raycasts and tweaked calculations to improve indoor/outdoor detection.
  • Fixed issues with first person Foley sounds playing when moving the camera in third person view in some vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where the loading music would carry on into the game and never stop.
  • Fixed an issue where quitting to menu and then starting a level would not stop the menu music.
  • Turned off doppler effect on horses.
  • Fixed issues with the underwater sound state getting stuck until player dies.
  • Fixed timing on the deploy sound for Pieper M1893 and BAR M1918.
  • PS4: Fixed an issue where the audio could stutter for high rate fire weapons.
  • PS4: Fixed an issue where selecting reset audio would not reset the audio language.

  • Improved server performance and bandwidth usage for airplanes.
  • Improved handling of network jitter, packet loss and packets arriving in the wrong order.
  • Improve server performance of barbed wire objects in the levels.
  • Added grenades to the high frequency updates to avoid problems with players taking damage from explosives before they visually detonated.
  • Improved hit registration for airplanes, especially in close proximity dogfighting.
  • Improved message if disconnected from server.
  • Fixed match making issue for servers with no round time limit.
  • Balance players based on their skill in the current game mode instead of global skill.
  • Several server performance improvements.
  • Improve server metrics for detecting networking problems of specific players.
  • Fixed issue where players were not being placed in the same squad when joining on friend that is in a full squad or not in a squad at all.
  • Several fixes for common and uncommon server crashes.