DICE just put up a new "Ask DICE" post on the Battlefield Battlelog with some hot questions that the community have about Battlefield 4 Naval Strike. Let's see a few of those responses right now!

What are the four new maps of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike?
You will get to wage war in the tropical Lost Islands map, in the massive level Wave Breaker, through the stormy weather of Nansha Strike, and by the breathtaking vistas in Operation Mortar. Stay tuned for an in-depth breakdown of all four maps here on Battlelog!

What kind of Levolution can we expect in Naval Strike? Will there be storms like the one in Paracel Storm?

Oh gosh, there's quite a bit more but we shouldn't be ones to just copy and paste the entire article. So, you'll have to head on over to Battlelog if you want your fill of the brief Q&A to learn more about Naval Strike.