It's AAAA vs WB.

March isn't even over yet and we've already seen a couple of stinkers come out from major gaming studios. While we tend to focus on the surprise hits or quality titles in these polls, this time it's a little bit different.

Between the Rocksteady developed live-service Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and the "AAAA" quality Ubisoft developed Skull and Bones: Which is the bigger disappointment for you?

Playing these games isn't really a requirement for this poll. Maybe you didn't play either of them for whatever reason. Maybe you played only one of them. Hell, maybe you played both of them (my condolences to you). I just want you to take in everything you know about each game's development, reception, problems, your own hopes, your own experiences, etc. and pick which one you were most disappointed by or the one you were most disappointed to hear ended up being worse than you had thought.