Of course, people are upset.
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Square Enix officially revealed how to correctly pronounce the name of a Final Fantasy 7 character. For years, the debate on how to pronounced Cait Sith waged far and wide. I always read it as "Kate Sith" and it seems as though I wasn't all that far off the mark.

Today, a tweet made to the official Final Fantasy 7 Twitter account put the entire debate to rest. A debate that goes all the way back to the launch of the original Final Fantasy 7. A debate that burned online into the early 2000s. Many believe that the name is pronounced as "Ket Shee," since the name allegedly has roots in the Gaelic language.

That's right. Cait Sith is pronounced as "Kate Sihth." Of course, nobody is burst into your house and correct you if you pronounce it as Ket Shee or any other way.

Cait Sith will be a playable party member in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which is expected to be out on February 29, 2024 on PlayStation 5.