It is said that the late actor passed away from natural causes.
A photograph of actor Lance Reddick.

Actor Lance Reddick has passed away at the age of 60. The initial report came from TMZ but was later corroborated by several other media outlets. Police say they found Reddick in his home in Studio City, Los Angeles on Friday morning. The exact cause of death has not been revealed, but authorities are saying that he passed from natural causes.

Reddick has a lot of "best known for" roles under his belt. Reddick really rose to prominence for his roles in The Wire, Oz, Lost, and Fringe. He most recently starred in John Wick 4 where he reprised his role of Charon, the concierge at the Continental Hotel. Reddick was notably absent from the premiere of John Wick 4 earlier this week. On Wednesday, Reddick posted a short video where he appeared to be at his home with his dogs.

Those of you reading this may know him best for his voice acting roles in a variety of video games and game based adaptations. Reddick lent not only his voice but his likeness to the character of Sylens from the Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West games. His first major gaming debut came with Remedy's Quantum Break where Reddick portrayed Martin Hatch. Reddick recently played Albert Wesker in the live-action Resident Evil series. Reddick was also set to voice Hellboy in the upcoming Hellboy: Web of Wyrd.

I'd argue that Reddick's most famous gaming role began in 2014 with the release of the first Destiny. Reddick voiced Commander Zavala, a key character that has been involved in nearly all of the franchise's story and plot development over these past nine years. Even if you weren't working on a new story mission, you'd still hear Reddick as Zavala during many of the game's repeatable activities, or when you went to Zavala to pick up some Vanguard bounties. For a lot of us, we heard Reddick's voice weekly, sometimes daily.

Though several Destiny actors have come and gone from Destiny, due to other obligations, pay, disputes, or otherwise, Reddick really embraced his role. I would often see videos of Reddick reading lines or saying something as Zavala purely to delight fans. Reddick was also a huge fan of playing Destiny almost as much as he was a fan of voicing one of the main characters, having once admitted in an interview to playing the original Destiny "almost every day." Unlike Zavala, a Titan, Reddick's main character was a Warlock.

There really is no Zavala without Lance Reddick.

Destiny fans have shared their sorrow, remorse, and best memories of Reddick in r/DestinyTheGame and on Twitter. Some are paying their respects to Zavala as he still stands in the Destiny 2 Tower. Others remembering Reddick for having delivered the most memorable and most memed line of dialogue from the Destiny franchise.

Reddick put his all into every role he took. Though he may be remembered most for his serious and grounded character portrayals, the man also vastly elevated every comedic scene he was ever in.

Our sincere condolences to Reddick's family, his friends, and to all of his fans. He will be sorely missed.

"Life is a delicate thing, Guardian. Hope... faith... love... in an instant, they're gone."